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$10 Tees

I just got an email from Threadless announcing a sneaky little two day sale – almost everything is $10 until Wednesday morning.

Holy cow, we’re having a quick 2 day $10 sale before the sale to get your blood pumping. If you like to get an early start on the holidays, start your gift buying now!

This includes a lot of the new releases I wrote about recently, as well as the older favorites. Some t-shirts have been reprinted and overall it seems like there is a bunch of shirts I haven’t really seen before. Here is some [affordable] eye candy:

The price of breaking up…

…Is apparently higher if you are a girl. This awesome breaking up tee from Threadless is only $15, unless a girl ever wants to buy one, in which case the price becomes $17. I’m sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this, such a difference in suppliers, but as a boy I am worried. I’m a firm believer in tracking the customers journey map, so now the draft might actually happen, to balance out the price discrepancy.

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The shelf life of a bragging right.

I could almost picture myself wearing this shirt, even though I’ve been a Boston Red Sox fan for the past fifteen years. The Sox were sitting pretty at the All-Star break, but imploded in the second half, and finished in third place behind New York and Toronto. No “yankees suck” chant, not even the 2004 World Series win can atone for the fact that the Yankees have won the division for ten straight years.

But look how the mighty have fallen, at least in their own eyes. The Yanks lose the ALDS to a pretty good Detroit team, a whole lot of people lose their bets, and the second longest tenured manager in baseball is about to get fired.


The owner of this blog also happens to be a wanna-be, amateur designer.

  • I can proudly say that there are six Chode Island shirts in existence in as many as two continents, as of the post date.

  • I entered this design in the Snakes on Plane promotion at Cafepress. The shirt didn’t make a single sale, in part because it was buried among all the other entries. At least the movie was good (or so I hear).

  • This was my first custom design ever, circa 2001. If you search for “compton hat” in Google, my site still comes up first :).

  • This is another design inspired by a movie I either hated, or haven’t seen. Back in 2005 this was by far the most searched for t-shirt design, and I tried to make it as close to the original as possible (skewed, misaligned letters). Unfortunately Cafepress removed all Vote for Pedro shirts due to copyright issues, although you can still find the shirt at other sites.