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I am not going to post the YouTube link to ‘Kramer’s’ racist tirade at a Las-Vegas nightclub. You can find it yourself if you’d like. Needless to say the outburst was so outrageous that no apology can make up for it — he might as well have been wearing the “arrest black babies before they become criminals” tee from T-Shirt Hell. What I find interesting is how quickly T-Shirt Hell came out with a t-shirt about the whole thing. The story surfaced on Monday the 20th, and by Wednesday evening the shirt was featured on their front page. The illustration isn’t super amazing or anything, but 2 days is at least how long it took me to write this post.

In fact, T-Shirt Hell has been staying on top of recent events, as they continue to churn out their brand of edgy and irreverent tees:

And while you’re over there, check out “International Age of Consent Tour“. I’m sure you know someone who deserves to own that tee.

T-Shirts that shouldn’t exist.

Some t-shirt sites make their living selling offensive t-shirts. The Worse Than Hell section of T-Shirt Hell, for example, makes light of some of humanity’s greatest tragedies. Personally, I’m not someone who is easily offended, in fact I sometimes laugh at things that probably shouldn’t be funny. However, the more offensive a joke is, the more clever or funnier it needs to be to balance out the crassness. Especially if you’re going to put it in on a shirt. Here are some examples of tees that fail at this balance, starting with an awful reference to Steve Irwin:

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