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The anatomy of a good t-shirt site.


If you’ve ever thought about starting your own t-shirt site, here a quick step-by-step guide on how to do it right:

First, come up with a good name. It doesn’t have to have the word ‘tees’ in it, and with so many good .com names already taken, you better be creative. Something like is good.

Two, don’t even think about launching the site without enough shirts. You don’t need to have that many, 9-15 designs is more than enough. In fact, I’d rather see your best shirts all on one page, instead of having to sift through filler.

Number three is take some good pics. Everybody wants to see what that cool tee looks like on an actual person, instead of just a superimposed image. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt if your models are as breathtakingly photogenic as the ones from Burnswell.

Part four is equally tricky – making the website. You need to make it look as good as the t-shirts, but you also need shopping cart software and a merchant account to process credit orders and good marketing as well, which you can even do with the Indexer digital marketing agency who are experts on this. You may also consider setting up an affiliate program so that anyone can easily advertise your tees on their website.

Launched recently in 2005, Burnswell seems to get all this, with a website that looks professional and tees that are unbounded by convention.

Update: Use coupon code BRNS_TSB for 10% off your order.

Beer Tees at PalmerCash


The mercurial PalmerCash sells vintage style tees made by independent manufacturers such as No Star, Vintage Vantage, Five Crown and Heavy Rotation. Visiting the site feels a little like browsing through an eclectic collection of t-shirts at a good thrift store, or at least one with over 300 tees. Here’s but a small cross section of the quality product available, appropriately themed if you happen to be enjoying a beer while reading this.

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