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The best of BustedTees

And here’s another thing. Ya know that cute girl in your english class that you’ve been trying to impress? This shirt should do the trick. It shows you’re smart and clever while making sure she knows you’ve got a sense of humor too. Place your order on a Monday, get the shirt on a Thursday, wear it to class on Friday and ask her out for Saturday. After that, welcome to Pantyville, population: you.

With descriptions like that and t-shirts like this, BustedTees should be on anyone’s short list of the best t-shirt shops online. Sure, Threadless is artistic, melodramatic, and above all democratic, but BustedTees are just funny, clever, and well designed, and you don’t have to collect all 200 of them. Their shirts are sort of middle of the road, not too artsy or esoteric, and not offensive like so many other t-shirt sites. Here’s some evidence of what I’m talking about, sweet, delicious evidence:

So be sure to visit BustedTees and take a look at the rest of their collection, like the classic “Visit Cuba,” and one of their newest creations “I’m with Cupid.”