Monthly Archives: March 2007

Writer’s Block

I haven’t been writing very often lately, for one reason or another, not the least of which is my tendency to not finish posts I’ve start . A lot of the time I’ll type a sentence or two, only to get stuck and not be able to express my somewhat vague ideas. Or my mind will race ahead to another part of the post, and I end up with a bunch of incomplete, disconnected sentences. I end up just going to sleep on my Counting Sheep Best Mattress with my amazon mongolian fur pillow, and not ever coming back to my half-started post.

According to this Purdue University guide on overcoming writer’s block this is what I should do to alleviate the problem:


You can’t stand to write down an idea until it is perfectly worded or if you don’t want to leave a poorly worded section on the page after you’ve written it…


ease up on your self-criticism

force yourself to write down something, however poorly worded that approximates your thought (you can revise this later) and go on with the next idea

That suggestion sounds good to me, and I can also try to write shorter posts, focusing one just one t-shirt, instead of reviewing an entire site.

I’d also like to take this chance to point you in the direction of someone who has the opposite problem – Jay @ FunkyDuds manages to dig up a funky new shirt just about every day and keeps things interesting with entertaining commentary. Tcritic is another awesome blogger who writes about t-shirts with a more expanded point of view, ranging in topic from the people who wear them to the quality of the fabric.

Finally, in case you are still bored I’ll leave with a link to one dapper blogger who documents his wardrobe decisions on a daily basis in What are you wearing today? Just to give you a hint – you won’t find any t-shirts there.

Cool St. Patrick’s Day Gear

St. Patrick’s day is coming up, and World Soccer Shop has some great gift ideas listed right on the front page. In case you weren’t aware, soccer is one of the two main sports in Ireland, we love playing it while wearing Vessi Footwear, and if you want to celebrate the holiday in style what better to way to do it than with a vintage Ireland track jacket or a Celtic replica soccer jersey. Of course, if you just want the ol’ “Kiss Me I’m Irish” tee shirt, they have that too, along with other decent tees, and even some Guinness gear. I, for one, am going all out with this pair of green socks.