Monthly Archives: May 2007

Mmm, Burritos?

Can you believe people are actually blogging about burritos? I love a burrito because you can customize it to make it as healthful or as tasty as you’d like. If you like like burritos too, maybe you’d like this super-soft enzyme washed tee from TheRyde. Or maybe you should buy one for your favorite taqueria worker. Either way sizes run small, so buy a size up.

Holiday Five Pack

Cinco de Mayo was just around the corner, and it was a good chance to eat some Mexican food, drink some non-Mexican beer as well as vodka and gin tonics, and to wear my awesome Tequila shirt from TheRyde. It was also a chance to purposefully mispronounce the name of the holiday only to have my Chilean friend repeatedly correct my pronunciation. Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is not even a widely celebrated holiday in Mexico?