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Guitar Hero Makeover Guide

If you are already a fan of the Guitar Hero franchise/gaming cult here’s your chance to take your fretwork to the next level:

Step 1. Order the amazing online game Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hero shirt from

fromStep 2. Get the Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80′s from BestBuy for only $39.99 and get a free $15 gift card.

Step 3. Finally, buy the XFPS Mini Guitar Controller and rock out with a gaming controller made from real wood!

Step 4. Watch this training video on YouTube.

(Via Technabob and Fatwallet)

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Galaxy’s New #23

I imagine that the majority of people who look at this site are more interested in esoteric emo-ware rather than a $80 sports jersey with someone else’s name on the back. Nevermind the polyester fabric or the garish Herbalife logo (I actually think jersey sponsorship could be a good thing for MLS teams), but LA Galaxy has already sold 300,000 jerseys in one week despite having the second worst record in the league. Something tells me that a good percentage of those jerseys were of the David Beckham variety.

New Transformers Tees at

Ok, I get it, Transformers is kind of a big deal. The movie grossed $24.7 million on it’s first day, and NerdyShirts released not four but five new Transformers t-shirts this week. To top it off one of my coworkers actually showed up to work wearing a Transformers voice changer hel

You see, I hadn’t set foot in the good ol’ US and A until late in 1991, and as such have not seen a single Transformers episode. I had seen Plenty of M.A.S.K., Conan the Adventurer, and TMNT, and lots Transformer toy commercials in between. Maybe, just maybe I’ll go watch the movie and see what I’ve been missing. Should I?