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How to fold a t-shirt in 5 seconds, the t-shirt folding machine, and more $12 tees.

T-Shirt Folding Machine
  • is exactly the kind of t-shirt company we like to review at The T-Shirt Blog and they I’ve come up with an ecofriendly “machine” to fold all your t-shirts. If you’ve got the cardboard, watch the video and make one of your own.
  • Don’t have the manual dexterity to build a t-shirt folding machine? A nice asian lady will teach you how to fold your own t-shirts just like sales clerk.
  • is new, would like to get her foot in your door, or at the very least a t-shirt or two into your closet. All tees are $12, and if you hate DRM music you might like this one. Shipping starts at just $3

BustedTees SuperSale

Jackass T-Shirt Thrift Store T-Shirt

Twelve hours pretty much equates to a blink of an eye in internet time, but if you happen to be reading this between noon and midnight on Friday the 17th (don’t ask me about timezones), and you happen to be in the mood to do some online shopping, then make an http connection to for a surprise sale where every tee is only $12. Get three tees, and shipping is free to make this a truly slick deal.

Don’t forget to check out my BustedTees review for some inspiration.

A Bit of Shameless Self-Promotion

Chode Island T-Shirt

I got the idea for this t-shirt a couple of years ago when I saw a random person wearing a Rhode Island University sweatshirt. I consider this design to be one of my best creations, even though my sales records indicate that there are only about eight Chode Island t-shirts in existence today (that includes one in Massachusetts, one in Connecticut, and one supposedly somewhere in Brasil).

I sell all of my designs through Cafepress, which offers a great all around selling experience, from design to marketing to support. Cafepress is the industry leader, even though there are now other on-demand printing services that I’d like to try at some point. Some question the quality of on-demand printers like Cafepress, but I can definitely vouch for the quality of the organic cotton tee. The fabric is super soft and comfortable with a slim vintage-like feel and pleasant cream/ivory color, and it is better fitting and just as nice as any other t-shirt I own, and with the help of they have been selling a lot, with actually a lot of different ones, just with the small work of keywords has upgrade the search traffic and improved the whole marketing system.

Endorsements include: “It’s tight,” from a coworker, and “Chode Island! OMG, Chode Island!” from a random girl at the train station. So feel free to leave some feedback, whether you like/dislike the shirt, don’t get it, or have anything to say about on demand t-shirt printing or t-shirt selling in general.

P.S. Since we are on a personal note I can also tell you about what I’ve been keeping busy with during the summer. I took a web design class at MassArt, and spent a good part of July working on a class project which entailed making a website for a fictional restaurant, which I’ve uploaded for you to see. Maybe I’ll get to use it as part of my portfolio, along with this blog and other sites I’ve worked on. I also received an advertising certification from Google, so who knows what I’ll be working on next!

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