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Burnswell $12 Sale

I’ve been wanting to do a special section about t-shirts sales and bargains, and with the holiday shopping season in full swing it’s about time.  There are a couple of sales going on right now, and as the competition between t-shirt merchants increases I don’t think that’s about to change.

One of the most popular shirts selling right now are the famous couple shirts, the king and queen shirts special for married couples as a special souvenir or to share with your loved one, or just use it as a gift for any loving couple ! They are soft, great color variety and you can choose the size for each one , all of them for a very good price.

So stay tuned for more deals on worthwhile tees, and if you’ve have a tip for me, by all means send it in or leave a comment.

Grim Reaper T-Shirt Lionlike T-Shirt
Love & Hate Knuckle Tattoo T-Shirt Death Crest T-Shirt

To start things off we have, a two year old online store with 25 original designs you won’t find anywhere else.  Everything is at a discounted $12 and shipping is around $5, depending on how many shirts you order. Enter coupon code BRNS_TSB for another 10% discount.

UPDATE: Burnswell were really nice people with some original t-shirt designs, but unfortunately the rigors of running indie t-shirt shop caught up with them.

Moblogging with The T-Shirt Blog

I came across the idea of moblogging about t-shirts while reading a recent post by Karl at Tcritic. This of course prompted me to check my Blackberry Pearl, with the mostly empty 2 GB MicroSD card inside, and 1.3 megapixels of cameraphone goodness.  The findings revealed the following photo of a delicious t-shirt from Questionable Content, as worn by a friend of a friend.

Math is Delicious T-Shirt

There was also another random tee shot. Your guess is as good as mine as to what they were putting the “fun” into.

Mystery Shirt

Now, I don’t think I’ll be doing a whole lot of this kind of “reporting” in the future. Trying to convince someone to let you take a picture of their shirt is bad enough, but where is the karma pointing a camera at their chest because of the t-shirt they are wearing, as opposed to the t-shirt they are not wearing?  Anyhow, my closet has plenty of undocumented tees to share.


The tee is a gift loan from a friend, who got it from Steve & Barry’s, a department store chain NY and perhaps other places.  Unfortunately a web search for this shirt turned up nothing at all, neither on their website, nor on ebay, not anywhere else.  So if you happen to really want a creamy pink guy’s t-shirt that says “Shortie” on it, you are SOL unless you are willing to DIY via Zazzle

The Anti-Polo at Threadpit

The Anti-Polo

Most online t-shirt shops stick to printed tees as their chief production medium. Presumably this is due to their popularity, and the relative ubiquity and low cost of screen printing over, say embroidering. however, managed to take the classic Polo logo and turn it on it’s head in a clever parody. It comes in four classic colors, and it’s price is Old Navyesque $21.95. In fact, there are more polos available, all too x-rated to show.  Watch out Abercrombie Moose!

P.S. How cool is it of Threadpit to leave a comment section under each tee. I wish more shops would encourage that kind of feedback.

UPDATE: Threadpit is down, but their spinoff site 6 Dollar Shirts is still going strong.

T-Shirts by Koko

Koko's T-Shirt

Most t-shirt makers limit their offerings to shirts made by human designers.  I’ve had a nagging feeling that gorillas could make better tees than 80% of t-shirts you can find on Cafepress.  Aside from her love for painting, Koko the gorilla understands over 2000 words of spoken English and responds using sign language.  “Bird” is Koko’s depiction of a blue jay that used to visit her and perch on her back.  The t-shirt is available in a limited edition run from Kokomart (scroll down to the bottom of the page).