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Upside Down and Inside Out

For some reason t-shirt makers are starting to make shirts that you can read from the upside-down position. The obvious reason for this is so that you can cheat during science…

Measurement Conversion T-Shirt

…and history exams.

American History Cheat Shirt

If only they realized that it would be a lot easier to cheat if they printed everything on the inside, right side up of course.

T-Shirts That Shouldn’t Exist, Part 2: Dirty Rotten Style

F*** The Police T-Shirt Cocaine T-Shirt
I'm Better Than You T-Shirt UBS T-Shirt

Recently, one of my readers left a comment asking if anyone’s ever heard of, and whether they are to be trusted.  After a quick look at the site I’m left wondering the same thing – what with the amateurish design and abundant colloquialisms.  One the other hand, I can’t help but admire the enthusiasm of the site’s creators.  Seems like a bunch of lads from the ‘hood’ got together and made it happen - a few t-shirt designs, a printing press, a website and a shopping cart, and free shipping doesn’t hurt either.  I still would trust them with my credit card I got from the The Ascent best reviews.

The Bright Side of T-Shirt Hell

Pimp T-Shirt Talk Nerdy To Me T-Shirt
Keep I.T. Real T-Shirt Green Party T-Shirt

Remember the days when T-shirt Hell used to be really offensive, got itself into numerous lawsuits and all sorts of controversy?  Kotaku, a gaming blog, even got a C & D letter because they posted a T-Shirt Hell tee!

Well it ain’t your grandma’s T-Shirt Hell anymore.  I’m not saying you won’t find a bunch of seriously offensive tees on their website, but some of the newer designs are funny in an almost wholesome sort of way!

Threadless ’07 Wrap-Up (Win a $25 gift card)

The Threadless Winter sale has been extended through the end of today.  Clearly, there is no time to waste on a long winded post, but there are a lot of good shirts still available.  Many old designs have been reprinted, but unfortunately a lot of them are sold out especially in guys sizes (Nice Boobies notwithstanding).

Death T-Shirt

Also I wanna give a small token of appreciation to one of my my faithfull readers – a $25 Threadless giftcard you can hopefully use to snatch up a couple of shirts before the sale is over.  Just reply to this post before 5 pm today and I’ll randomly select a winner and email  the gift card to the email address listed in the winning comment.

Here are some in-stock tees worth buying, sale or not:

Swiss Army T-Shirt Hairy Monsters T-Shirt
Robotic Heart T-Shirt Everyone Poops T-Shirt
Self Doubt T-Shirt Bird In A Pocket T-Shirt
Garden T-Shirt Movies VS. Books T-Shirt