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Gawker Shop Closeout Sale

Four More Years T-Shirt I'll Keep Your Secret T-Shirt
It's Not Whoring... T-Shirt She Did What? T-Shirt

The bastion of newsworthyness that is the Gawker blog network used to run a small spinoff t-shirt site with a few slogan tees that I liked. Unfortunately they are in the middle of closing up shop, which I hope this isn’t because they’ve lost their joie de vivre for t-shirts, or that the rigors of running a business have become too much. After all, that wouldn’t be very encouraging news for those of us just starting out. The upside is that you can now own any of the Gawker tees still in stock for just $9.99.

T-Shirts That Shouldn’t Exist, Part 3: Right Wing Madness

Gun Control T-Shirt Hang a Journalist T-Shirt
I survived Roe v. Wade T-Shirt I Bite Liberals T-Shirt

What can you conclude about a site with with at least five different shirts displaying President Reagan’s image? That’s gotta be some seriously conservative t-shirt site! No, I’m not talking about Deez Teez, it’s Those Shirts that got liberals all worked up. We’re talking about saving paving whales, nuking mecca, even neutering pets! Still not interested? How about blonde and brunette Texan models wearing Che t-shirts, baring mid-riffs and toting AK-47s?

Strictly For Webmasters

So far I’ve mainly written about t-shirts from a consumer point of view, but I’ve secretly wanted to create a subsection of this blog that deals with issues faced by webmasters, t-shirt designers, and anyone involved in selling or publishing t-shirts online, in particular because that’s something I am involved in myself. I run several other t-shirt related sites, actively work on advertising campaigns, and have created several t-shirt designs (with more on the way). Given that a significant part of my visitors are actively involved in running t-shirt related sites I feel like I have a ready made audience who could benefit from the topic, and vice versa. So expect to see more posts about things like search engine optimisation, website promotion, search marketing (ppc), and other issues pertaining to running a website and attracting visitors.

My first topic for webmasters has to do with and and the issue of measuring a site’s populary relative to other websites. (If you already know all about Alexa you might want to skip the rest of this post). Before I explain to you what I find so useful about Alexa’s website rankings, let me ask you a question:

Have you ever looked at another website and wondered how much traffic it gets?

It might be a competitor’s website, an industry leader like Busted Tees or Threadless, or maybe a blog who’s readership (or lack thereof) you are wondering about. The reality is, that, short of asking, there is no real way of knowing how much traffic another website gets, and here’s where Alexa comes in. Alexa is a tool that ranks websites sites in order of traffic. So, for example, is number #1, is #2, is #3, and Facebook is #6 as you can see for yourself at Alexa’s main page. The rankings are straightforward – while we don’t know exactly how many visitors or pageviews these sites get, we can see that Yahoo gets the most visitors, Google is just behind, and YouTube follows in third place. A quick search for my site reveals that is ranked… #533,515 as of this minute.

Personally I use the Alexa toolbar for Internet Explorer and the Alexa plugin for Firefox to instantly see the Alexa ranking of any website I visit, just like in this screenshot:

Alexa Toolbar Screenshot

So at this point you are probably wondering, how does Alexa gets it’s rankings? Furthermore, are those rankings accurate and are there any caveats? Well, hold those questions until the end of the article, because it’s time for some tees! Did you really think you were going to read through a full post from The T-Shirt Blog without seeing a single t-shirt? Don’t you realize, t-shirts are the glue that holds the universe together, and permeate everything we see and do! Ok, maybe not, but these customized Alexa tees showcase your site’s ever changing Alexa ranking with the help of Zazzle’s API:

Air Guitar T-Shirt

And now for the nitty-gritty on Alexa’s rankings.

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Lucky Threadz Rocks!

Air Guitar T-Shirt

No, I’m not just saying that as a play on words with the above t-shirt.  Lucky Threadz really is an outstanding vendor with a multitude of original and creative designs.  Think of them as Busted Tees‘ more urbane counterpart, but with somewhat outdated pop-culture references.  And while you are there – don’t forget to check out some of the embedded videos, like this hilarious Richard Simmons sketch from Who’s Line Is It Anyways, and a poignant reading by Charles Bukowski

I Heart Vegas T-Shirt Step Ladder T-Shirt
God Surfs T-Shirt Communist Party T-Shirt
CliCHE T-Shirt Bell Biv Devoe T-Shirt
The Less I Care T-Shirt Kick Me T-Shirt
Tastie Burger T-Shirt American Flag/ Bar Code T-Shirt

For more things that rock check out the ultimate guitar hero accessory guide, and be sure to look through the rest of Lucky Threadz’ affordable inventory, including long sleeved tees, and hoodies.

Update: LuckyThreadz relaunched their site and is now under the brand name Loiterink.  I tried to change the links where possible, but not all of the t-shirts made it to the new site.

UPDATE: LuckyThreadz/Loiterink was a big part of the t-shirts seen of 00s, but are now a part of the digital graveyard.

M&Ms Are The New T-Shirts

Personalized M&Ms

Is the M&M division of Mars, Inc. really doing so badly that management feels the need to prostitute diversify the brand by going into the novelty gifts business? now offers fully customizable candy, which means more things for us to customize and personalize without needing to get our lazy butts out of our task chairs.

Realistically, the MY M&M’S® fill the niche of party favors and Valentine’s Day presents, as the minimum order is $47.96, and most package options include individually wrapped favors.  Amazingly enough, a $3849.99 crystal champagne flute and diamond ring set is also available, with four 7oz bags of personalized M&Ms thrown in to sweeten the deal.