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Guiness World Records — Most T-Shirts Worn At The Same Time

So I happened to watch a Guinness World Records TV special 2 weeks, which happened to feature a t-shirt related record nestled amongst all the other, mostly useless feats.  The record in question is most t-shirts worn at the same time, and needless to say that it’s more than the total number of t-shirts I have ever owned:

That’s 100 pounds of t-shirtness worn all at once, although I really have to question “Dance Of The Valkyries” as music choices.  Definitely has me seeing “Apocalypse Now” flashbacks.

Further digging around reveals  many other failed and apparently successfull attempts to break the record.  It also turns out that the record Guinness showcased on NBC had already been broken before the airing of the show.  Take a look at the following clip, as a man named Charlie Williams from the UK sets the new record at 224.  This video wins on many different levels — each t-shirt is painted on by schoolchildren, and the guy makes funny faces while wearing all sorts of different sunglasses in each shot… just watch:

What kind of t-shirt person are you?

Question Mark T-Shirt

I’ve come to notice that some of the most popular t-shirt sites seem to be complete opposites.  Take T-Shirt Hell and Threadless, for example.  Both do extremely well, yet I can’t imagine their tees coexisting peacefully in the same closet.

Have a different t-shirt shop in mind that truly is your favorite?  Let everyone know in a comment and maybe I’ll add it to the poll.  (Commenting couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require registration.)

T-shirt designers are welcome to plug their site, but please make a case for why your t-shirts really are worth our attention.