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Thirsty Tees For Thirsty Thursday

Beer Belly/Sex Machine T-Shirt Moe's Tavern T-Shirt

Even though Deez Teez is more of a dirty dirty tees site, or a movie quote tees site, today is Thursday so I’m going to talk about them as a Drinking Tees site. So by no means let yourself pigeon-hole them as Video Game Tees site, or a Political Tees site, or a Generic Slogan Tee site, or even an Inspired by Seinfield Tee site… , and definitely do not forget to visit their gallery of sexy ladies, I mean, porn models wearing (or not) their genuine Deez Teez rags.

Free Shipping on Official NBA Jerseys at OnlineSports

Boston Celtics Jersey #5 Kevin Garnett

I don’t know if many of my readers happen to be basketball fans, but I’ve making an effort to watch a few Celtics games this season.  Their jerseys are as classy and storied as any, and you gotta love the clover leaf, especially with St. Patrick’s Day coming up.  OnlineSports has them at standard prices which I believe are set by manufacturers, but shipping is free on pretty much all jerseys, and that also includes the NFL, NHL and MLB.

One Horse Shy does Spreadshirt

bad grammar makes me [sic] T-Shirt abcdefgHIgklmnopqrstuvwxyz T-Shirt
Size Matters T-Shirt Grammar Police T-Shirt

I’ve been working hard on a couple of my own t-shirt designs lately, and a part of my inspiration is a site called One Horse Shy.  You might not notice just by looking at it, but OHS fully relies on Spreadshirt‘s on-demand printing and ordering platform.  What’s amazing is how seamlessly the Spreadshirt ordering system is integrated into the website, and how professional the t-shirts and the site’s design look.  One of my absolute favorites is “bad grammar makes me [sic],” and there plenty more shirts organized into topical categories.