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PETA Shirts Bite Back

Give Peas a Chance T-Shirt Fur Is Dead T-Shirt
Dogfighters Are Cowardly Scum T-Shirt No I Don't Have Any Spare Ribs T-Shirt

I gotta say, I admire people who have enough respect for animals to leave them alone, even though personally I find it difficult to give up all those things dead animals are good for (mainly dinners, but sometimes lunches, and most certainly all those wonderful by-products of the meat industry). In any case I’m not trying to start an ethical debate here.  What I am interested in  is how one can use a t-shirt to convey a forceful message in creative way.  I feel like “No, I don’t have any spare ribs!” and “Fur Is Dead” certainly accomplish that.

UPDATE: While these four shirts have been discontinued, PETA’s online catalog has many new designs in stock!