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MySoti First Impressions

A couple of days ago I wrote about Spreadshirt, one of the leading t-shirt on-demand companies in the world. I didn’t stop there, and I’d like try out and review many more custom t-shirt and write about them here. Next up is MySoti, a previously unknown, and mysterious printer with and Indian sounding name. One of my readers, Kevin, alerted me to their presense, and I decided to give them a shot.

It turns out that MySoti is in fact a t-shirt printer and allows you to put your designs on sale in a sort of a shop, much like Spreadshirt and Cafepress. Uploading your designs and finalizing your products is pretty easy, especially considering a much smaller range of products, which includes American Apparel products for Men, Women, children and babies! I also like the the large 12.5″ by 17.5″ printable area, but what really interested me about MySoti is the way that it’s organized—more like a community than a t-shirt marketplace. You can vote for designs you like, check out creators’ profiles, and view other shirts offered by a given designer. In my mind, voting is what’s missing from major t-shirt marketplaces. Think YouTube meets Cafepress—now that would really separate the wheat from the chaff!

While MySoti proved to be a fun experience with it’s vibrant collection of available designs, it remains to be seen if their quality is up to snuff and whether their reach is big enough to make them relevant.

Spreadshirt First Impressions

A few days ago I signed up with Spreadshirt, in order to play around and see how everything works.  The only on-demand printer that I had worked with previously is Cafepress, and in a way my first impressions were made up of ways in which the two are different.  Here’s what I found.

Vector Designs and Printing Methods

In addition to the traditional WYSWIG method of digital printing Spreadshirt employs something called plot printing.  I’m not any kind of an expert on this, but the way I understand it is that a blade cuts your design out of a colored material, which is then adhered to your shirt.  This allows for a wider range of materials, such as glittery foil and velvety “flock” prints, and Spreadshirt claims the results are a lot more durable.  There are some limitations in terms of the shapes your design can have, and only one swatch is possible.  This also requires the use of vector graphics (think Illustrator not Photoshop).

A Wide Selection of Printable Products

Spreadshirt has a dizzying selection of printable apparel for men, women, and children.  There is anything from cheap lightweight t-shirts to American Apparel and even track jackets.  Choice is always good, but makes for some difficult choices when designing your products.  The upside is that printing areas are fairly large, average around 12″ wide and up to the whole shirt length.

Sell Your Design at Spreadshirt

Another way that Spreadshirt is different from, say Cafepress, is that in addition to putting your shop’s products into the “marketplace” you can also submit your designs, which in turn can be used by other shopkeepers, in exchange for royalties.  This works a bit like clip-art.  Design an element that someone might like to use (think shamrock, stylized heart, baseball bat), and you can earn a couple of bucks anytime it’s printed on a shirt.

Aside from all these positives Spreadshirt also has a slick, modern interface, and tons of customization options.  Just take a look at a shop like Amorphia Apparel to see how seamlessly Spreadshirt can integrate with your website.  This high level of customization at a price of a higher learning curve, but the e-mail support so far has been great.

Want to see what’s available in the Spreadshirt Marketplace?  Here are some coupon codes:

BUYMORE8 – 20% off when you buy two products.
BUYMORE9 – 25% off when you buy three products.

Experies Nov 28th.

CYBER48 – 25& an order for $30 or more.

Valid Dec 1st – 5th.

Sweet Slogan Tees at TypeTees

Threadless hasn’t always had slogan tees, as their main focus has been, and still is on illustration. In fact, every month a new theme is declared for their design contest, challenging artists to create a suitable illustration in the form of a t-shirt design. Currently the theme is horror.

When Threadless launched TypeTees the premise was a little different.  Instead of designs, users submit slogans, which are voted for by other users.  Winning slogans are then designed by professional artists.  This great news on both fronts if you are a fan of slogan tees. You can earn $500 by submitting a winning slogan, or you can peruse their collection of existing slogan tees.  Here are my favorites:

  • Allow me to explain through interpretive dance
  • Stop detroying our planet. It’s where I keep all my stuff.
  • Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense
  • Being vague is almost as fun as this other thing.
  • So far, this is the oldest I’ve ever been.
  • In case of emergency, break dance.
It’s almost as if they were all made up by the same person, isn’t it?
UPDATE: As of Spring, 2014 Typetees has been relaunched as a phone app.

Apolitical T-shirt Round-up

So this thing is over. A lot of people are happy.  Nobody is really surprised.  Even though I didn’t get to do all the political round-ups that I wanted, I thought I could do one last politically themed post.  Can’t we all just go back to voting for Pedro?
Bigfoot/Nessie T-Shirt
Bigfoot/Nessie – change you can believe in. Yes!
Political Puppets T-Shirt
In 2000, Ralph Nader suggested that there was little difference between Bush and Gore. Do you think there was a major difference between Obama and McCain in ’08?
Everyone Poops T-Shirt
Another pessimistic (or realistic) point of view on two party politics, from Threadless.
I bet you'll vote this time, hippy! T-Shirt
Yep. Whoever didn’t vote last time definitely came out in ’08.
Vote or Don't T-Shirt
Voting is pretty stupid, unless you’ve actually taken the time to get to know the candidates and the issues. So do vote, but make sure you do your homework first.
Stewart/Colbert '08 T-Shirt
I think this shirt should pretty much make it into RetroCampaigns. Stewart/Colbert in 2012? Please?
I Farted T-Shirt
Finally, a lampoon of the “I Voted” sticker from LuckyThreadz LoiterInk.
UPDATE: Some of these shirts are no longer available, so the links have been removed.