Monthly Archives: August 2009

Got a t-shirt site? Share it with the world in this post.

The title says it all. If you run a t-shirt site, have an entry in a t-shirt competition, or have ever designed a t-shirt that’s up anywhere you can link us to, post it right here in the comments. Let’s make this the longest t-shirt comments thread ever!

The only catch – you must post a link to a t-shirt or a t-shirt site that inspired you. Just post your stuff, and then follow it up with a link to someone else’s work. Here, I’ll start: – Contains a few of my designs, which I have uploaded to Cafepress, America’s favorite self-publishing site for t-shirts.

One of my favorite t-shirt sites happens to be T-Shirt Hell, not necessarily because I love offensive t-shirts, but more so because of the dry, sarcastic humor often found hiding behind the offending epithet.

Thanks everyone!