Anti-Obama T-Shirts

Obama Change T-Shirt
Don't Tax Me Bro

I try to be an equal opportunity t-shirt reviewer, and it’s now time to feature a couple of shirts critical of the new president.  It takes more than a half-assed, baseless, or asinine attempt however, and I believe these two t-shirts raise legitimate concerns, or at least do so in an entertaining fashion.

6 thoughts on “Anti-Obama T-Shirts

  1. People should be able to express their anti-Obama feelings via the medium of T-shirts, even if some of them arn’t the best looking. I’m for the guy (even if I don’t live in the US) but I’m all for people legitimately questioning and challenging what he does.

  2. Of course people should be expressing anti-Obama feelings…46% of voters were anti-Obama. That’s a large market for t-shirt designers to ignore.

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