Apolitical T-shirt Round-up

So this thing is over. A lot of people are happy.  Nobody is really surprised.  Even though I didn’t get to do all the political round-ups that I wanted, I thought I could do one last politically themed post.  Can’t we all just go back to voting for Pedro?
Bigfoot/Nessie T-Shirt
Bigfoot/Nessie – change you can believe in. Yes!
Political Puppets T-Shirt
In 2000, Ralph Nader suggested that there was little difference between Bush and Gore. Do you think there was a major difference between Obama and McCain in ’08?
Everyone Poops T-Shirt
Another pessimistic (or realistic) point of view on two party politics, from Threadless.
I bet you'll vote this time, hippy! T-Shirt
Yep. Whoever didn’t vote last time definitely came out in ’08.
Vote or Don't T-Shirt
Voting is pretty stupid, unless you’ve actually taken the time to get to know the candidates and the issues. So do vote, but make sure you do your homework first.
Stewart/Colbert '08 T-Shirt
I think this shirt should pretty much make it into RetroCampaigns. Stewart/Colbert in 2012? Please?
I Farted T-Shirt
Finally, a lampoon of the “I Voted” sticker from LuckyThreadz LoiterInk.
UPDATE: Some of these shirts are no longer available, so the links have been removed.

2 thoughts on “Apolitical T-shirt Round-up

  1. Nice round up!

    I thought I’d add another one: http://www.barackthevote.org/

    The Barack Obama OMG shirt.

    It recasts the iconic Barack Obama “O” logo into the popular Internet acronym “OMG” The shirt has a double meaning. On one hand, it captures the celebration and jubilation millions of people felt across the world when Obama was declared the winner on Tuesday night. And on the other hand, it alludes to the youthful energy that the Obama campaign created via its groundbreaking use of the Internet as an organizational tool.

    $1 of ever shirt sale goes to cancer research, as well.

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