The best of BustedTees

And here’s another thing. Ya know that cute girl in your english class that you’ve been trying to impress? This shirt should do the trick. It shows you’re smart and clever while making sure she knows you’ve got a sense of humor too. Place your order on a Monday, get the shirt on a Thursday, wear it to class on Friday and ask her out for Saturday. After that, welcome to Pantyville, population: you.

With descriptions like that and t-shirts like this, BustedTees should be on anyone’s short list of the best t-shirt shops online. Sure, Threadless is artistic, melodramatic, and above all democratic, but BustedTees are just funny, clever, and well designed, and you don’t have to collect all 200 of them. Their shirts are sort of middle of the road, not too artsy or esoteric, and not offensive like so many other t-shirt sites. Here’s some evidence of what I’m talking about, sweet, delicious evidence:

So be sure to visit BustedTees and take a look at the rest of their collection, like the classic “Visit Cuba,” and one of their newest creations “I’m with Cupid.”

29 thoughts on “The best of BustedTees

  1. I thought the Santa one was a little below BT’s standards, but the otherones you mentioned are more of a play on words, like that pinata tee. A lot of BT’s tees are not dirty at all and are still funny, and that makes them appealing to a lot more people.

    I do like some of your shirts, like Just the Tip and Junk in the Trunk, and some of them are pretty well designed too.

  2. Thanks shiznaught, I appreciate that.

    I agree, most of BT’s tees are a funny play on words. I’ve been a fan of their tees for a long time. They come up with funny ideas….I think my favorite is the Big Mistake t-shirt. Or the Sex, Do it for the Kids shirt.

    PS: I think the GILF shirt may also fall into the offensive bucket :)

  3. Hey world!

    I’ve been busting my ass for the last two years (has it been that long?) starting a humor and political related t-shirt company here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

    We’re really proud of our site and have a couple of unique product ideas so please check us out.


    The Ironic T-Shirt Corporation – “Home of the Anti-Ribbon, Freedom of Speech Bubble, and F The Media”

  4. What ripoffs are you talking about, those guys have 300 different designs. What does busted tees have, 20. And you can pick your shirt color and type. I dont want to offend u mr. shiznaught, but i’m just stating the facts.

  5. I have been trying to get in touch with Busted Tees to place an order all week. My order would not go through on-line. How can I get in touch with them to place an order?

  6. Best hip t-shirts available is from the Phenomenal T-Shirt and Fortean Design Shop [[]]
    I like their weird designs and the Wise Sass section. Cool buttons and magnets here from the people who specialize in cool weird. Phenomenal T-Shirt Shop rocks!

  7. Since we’re all here ~ some of you ruthless connoisseurs check out the original There’s also surf reports and current events.

    This site is not as raunchy as T-shirt Hell [who I think is also great] but a little more classic.
    PS – Storyville, nice site. :)

  8. Too bad their service (bustedtees) absolutely blows. I ordered a shirt 7 weeks ago and still haven’t received it. E-mailed them 3 weeks ago and they said they would look into it and contact me. A week and a half later still no shirt and no contact. I email them again and they say its shipping Dec. 29th. Its now Jan 9th and still no shipment. I’d rather gouge out my own eyes with a spoon than order from them again.

  9. I need some assistance with designing a shirt. Its more than embroidery and silk screening. It has actual material sewn or hot pressed on there. Please contact me for more details and suggestions.

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