Post 2.0: The blog t-shirt

I thought of this as one of the better t-shirts on TshirtHumor, even before I ever started blogging. Hopefully, I’ll be able to avoid this kind of narcissism. I am going to devote this post, however, to the elusive blog t-shirt, but before we get to the predictable blog swag drivel, here’s another blog t-shirt that’s actually good, from who else, but Threadless.

Not to say that this tee isn’t without blogtroversy, or that you won’t get sued (shot?) by your local Bloods chapter for ripping off their gang sign. If you’d rather avoid all that, here are some shirts inspired by the pure, unadulterated angst of blogging.

Ahh, nothing like an attractive female telling me that she doesn’t want to read my blog. Finally, here is an interesting site that manages to create a word cloud for your blog, or website, and print it on a t-shirt. This is what my word cloud would look like.

Now time for one last bit of geekyness, as promised in my previous post. If you check the Overture Keyword Suggestion tool (a very useful tool that includes data from the second largest search network) for the keyword t-shirt blog,  you will see that the term gets about 100 searches a month (much more on Google). Since the tool doesn’t differentiate between tshirt blog and blog tshirt it’s impossible to tell who was looking for what. Either way, I am likely to see hits from both searches because I have the two words in my domain name, and why not? I deserve the traffic!

2 thoughts on “Post 2.0: The blog t-shirt

  1. Haha speaking of funny shirts, 910 Industries made one that makes fun of Hollister and the other surf companies. It’s the “Boise, Idaho Surf Team” t-shirt. If you’re from California or surf, you usually don’t need to wear shirts that say so. Most people I know that wear those kinds of shirts are from New Mexico or Ohio or Idaho or somewhere that has nothing to do with surfing, but wishes that they did. Check out the shirt at You’ll laugh, trust me!

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