BustedTees SuperSale

Jackass T-Shirt Thrift Store T-Shirt

Twelve hours pretty much equates to a blink of an eye in internet time, but if you happen to be reading this between noon and midnight on Friday the 17th (don’t ask me about timezones), and you happen to be in the mood to do some online shopping, then make an http connection to Bustedtees.com for a surprise sale where every tee is only $12. Get three tees, and shipping is free to make this a truly slick deal.

Don’t forget to check out my BustedTees review for some inspiration.

One thought on “BustedTees SuperSale

  1. In a world where t shirt stores seem to be popping up overnight, each with designs just as good as the last one, they all have to have their own gimmicks and specials. I guess this is BustedTees.com’s version, and it is awesome!

    As long as they can keep this up in the future, I’m sure they will go really well. Their designs are really good anyway.

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