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World Cup 2010 T-Shirts

Muntari T-shirt

The 2010 World Cup is less than two days away, and if you don’t know who Sulley Muntari is, you had better be familiar with Lionel Messi, easily one of the top 5 players in the tournament, you want to see the new t-shirt from Messi? See it here. Alternate Kits offers a non-traditional take on the supporter’s t-shirt, freely utilizing puns and making ample use of hyperbole, all at a much lower price than the typical soccer jersey.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, is now defunct.

It’s my Birthday!

Have a Nice Bidet T-shirt

And the greatest present I could possibly give myself is a new and revamped T-Shirt Blog! Not everything is complete, but during the last couple of weeks I’ve put in a lot of time into tweaking the layout.  I started by upgrading the blog’s software, and I made the content area wider while also increasing the font size of most of the elements.  I believe this will make the blog easier to read, and will allow me to post bigger, higher-res images of t-shirts, which is, after all, what the blog is really about.  I also made a few minor tweaks to make sure everything is neat and aligned, removed a few elements which I deemed less than useful, and added a few things, like the email subscription widget on the upper portion of the sidebar.

More things to come:

  • Completely new background images.  If you have any high res photo images or vector art that I can use, please let me know!  I’d like to use some high res t-shirt close-ups, but bandwidth may be an issue.
  • Ads.
  • More t-shirts!
About the tshirt in the image: Have a Nice Bidet is made by a California based surf-shop called TheRyde, who were nice enough to send me a couple of free samples over a year ago. Same Old is pretty much the nicest, softest, and tightest-fitting t-shirt I own.
UPDATE: This design is no longer available.

Torso Pants – from the creator of T-Shirt Hell

Where my Knickers at? T-Shirt Hey you... t-shirt
I Told You So T-Shirt I Stole this Shirt... T-Shirt

If you are wondering what Sunshine Megatron, creator and owner of T-Shirt Hell is up to nowadays, you might be interested to learn about his next t-shirt making venture – TorsoPants.  Apparently, making really offensive t-shirts has become somewhat oldhat for Mr. Megatron, who had his name legally changed 2006.  The order of the day has become esoteric, dry-humored t-shirts that are a lot more likely to confuse than to offend.  There’s definitely some overlap between the two sites.  A few of the shirts, like Words on Shirt, Go Local Sports Team and/or College, and Home School Valedictorian have appeared on both sites at some point. [Via Westword]

UPDATE: TorsoPants didn’t take off in the same  the same way as it’s parent site, and has been shut down.

PETA Shirts Bite Back

Give Peas a Chance T-Shirt Fur Is Dead T-Shirt
Dogfighters Are Cowardly Scum T-Shirt No I Don't Have Any Spare Ribs T-Shirt

I gotta say, I admire people who have enough respect for animals to leave them alone, even though personally I find it difficult to give up all those things dead animals are good for (mainly dinners, but sometimes lunches, and most certainly all those wonderful by-products of the meat industry). In any case I’m not trying to start an ethical debate here.  What I am interested in  is how one can use a t-shirt to convey a forceful message in creative way.  I feel like “No, I don’t have any spare ribs!” and “Fur Is Dead” certainly accomplish that.

UPDATE: While these four shirts have been discontinued, PETA’s online catalog has many new designs in stock!

Which party will you be attending tonight?

Green Party T-Shirt Communist Party T-Shirt

Isn’t it ironic that the two highest profile online t-shirt shops couldn’t be more different from each other? Threadless is run by the still-idealistic twenty somethings who refuse corporate take over bids and find it in their hearts to sell their innocence and their shirts for $10 a pop. T-Shirt Hell, on the other hand, gets in the news by pushing the limit of free speech while making seriously offensive drags.

On your left is Green Party by T-Shirt Hell, a real party that’s twice the pun and green in color only.  The shirt on the right is Threadless’ reprint of Tom Burns’ Communist Party, a true example of Americana.