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Stop Motion Video Utilizing T-Shirts

Saw this on Woothemes Demo Server, which is a totally random place to find content. In case you don’t know, Woothemes is a pretty cool place to find cheap WordPress themes, which you can use as a basic layout for any website, not just a blog. (Check out one of their themes in action at Spain Soccer Jersey, one of my other sites.)

Anyway, the video is reminiscent of Justice’s D.A.N.C.E video, so if you are into that sort of thing definitely give it a play. If you’re really into t-shirt videos, also check out my post on the Guiness world record for most t-shirts worn at the same time.

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So here’s my partial excuse for not posting in a really long while. I’ve been taking two art classes this spring, a drawing fundamentals class, and a class about the basics of composition (which has a pretty strong lead-in into graphic design and thus t-shirt design. I’ve uploaded some of my projects as well as some of the quicker sketches into my Flickr account, in case anyone wants to take a look.

Meat IS Murder T-Shirt

Since we’re talking about art and since this is still a blog about t-shirts, I’ll combine the two and tell you about a method of making your t-shirts using a method I learned about earlier today.  The process is called cyanotype, or sun printing which basically involves leaving special photosensitive paper, or in our case, special photosensitive t-shirt out in the sun for about ten minutes and letting the UV rays turn blue everything that isn’t masked out or obscured from direct light.  There is some more info about the process here.

Sun Printed T-Shirt

The obvious downside here is that everything is going to be white on blue, but think about the possibilities.  You can use any object you want as your screen.  You could make your own stencil, use a mosquito net for a pattern, an empty vodka bottle…  maybe even a magnifying glass!  Plus you are no longer confined to the front or back of your shirt – you can print on the sides, on the sleeves – anywhere you want.  I only hope these are colorfast.

T-Shirts by Koko

Koko's T-Shirt

Most t-shirt makers limit their offerings to shirts made by human designers.  I’ve had a nagging feeling that gorillas could make better tees than 80% of t-shirts you can find on Cafepress.  Aside from her love for painting, Koko the gorilla understands over 2000 words of spoken English and responds using sign language.  “Bird” is Koko’s depiction of a blue jay that used to visit her and perch on her back.  The t-shirt is available in a limited edition run from Kokomart (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

End of Threadless Sale

Wow… time sure goes by fast, and the 30 day sale at Threadless is coming to an end. The sale’s apparently been extended till 11 AM this Thursday, so that means you and I (and anyone else who might want to buy some shirts) have approximately 1.5 days to get our $^!# together and wade through Threadless’ catalog of brand new , newly reprinted and older tees, as well as newly offered long sleeved shirts and hoodies.

For those of you who aren’t entirely familiar with Threadless or their famous sales, they are basically one of the most popular and best known t-shirt retailers around. They hold on-going t-shirt design competitions and have a constant stream of new quality designs. Their shirts do well enough at a regular price of $15-17, but once or twice (or thrice) a year they hold a $10 sale, and not just to sell off inventory either – they continue printing and reprinting tees throughout the sale. With that said, on to my picks:

It’s winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, and I’m definitely partial to designs that come in a hoodie and/or long sleeve version in addition to the classic tee. This design oozes 80′s retro, and looks good on a cozy and warm looking sweatshirt.

I *heart* t-shirts with stuff printed in non-standard places. In this case it’s simplistic autumn leaves looking particularly good on an off sheer girls’ long sleeve, or a regular’s guy’s long sleeve tee.

To me Threadless is all about designs like this one, slightly off the beaten path, with a fine arts sensitibility, and an element of irony.

This one actually made me smile and go ‘aww’, in a non-verbal sort of way (since I don’t talk to myself outloud). I am also beginning to suspect that a lot of Threadless’ design submissions are recycled art school homework. This illustration would definitely get an an A+ from me.

Not sure what more can be said about this terrific design, but here are some more T’s worth mentioning:

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$10 Tees

I just got an email from Threadless announcing a sneaky little two day sale – almost everything is $10 until Wednesday morning.

Holy cow, we’re having a quick 2 day $10 sale before the sale to get your blood pumping. If you like to get an early start on the holidays, start your gift buying now!

This includes a lot of the new releases I wrote about recently, as well as the older favorites. Some t-shirts have been reprinted and overall it seems like there is a bunch of shirts I haven’t really seen before. Here is some [affordable] eye candy:

More Threadlessness

Threadless released quite a few new tees in the past month and the results are as expected. The winner of the Nextfest design competition has been announced, and the rest of the designs include this cool art deco-ish premium tee, the usual emo fare, and a shirt I just don’t get. There is also further proof that Threadless is made for art students, by art students. The best of the bunch, however, is this striking illustration entitled “No More Bento.”

I’m also starting to like the shirt that looks like a bathroom wall, ever since I realized it has two sides, and a “NO SPANKING” sign on the lower black.

They also brought back “What Would McGyver Do?” one of the few Threadless tees that a fratboy would actually be caught wearing.

Threadless did the right thing by taking down the “I’d give my left arm to play drums for Def Leppard” slogan tee. It wasn’t terribly funny, whether you are familiar with the actual story, or not (more on t-shirts that shouldn’t have been made in my next post).P.S. Take a look at SplitTheAtom, a new British company which seems to have a very similar setup to Threadless.

The best t-shirts on the internet!

It’s only fitting that I start off the T-Shirt Blog with a post about one of the most beloved t-shirt retailers on the web. In case you’ve never been to Threadless, they run ongoing t-shirt design competitions, and sell the best, most popular submissions as voted on by viewers like you. The end result is a constantly evolving, limited edition collection of unique designs, all reasonably priced at around $15 each. Here’s a round up of the ten most popular designs on Threadless (based on the number of submitted photos), so you can see what you are missing out on:

1. Flowers in the Attic 6. Pandamonium
2. Communist Party 7. Damn Scientists
3. Dark Side of the Garden 8. Loch Ness Imposter
4. She Doesn't Even Realize 9. MP(3)
5. My Pet Human 10. You Sank Mmy Battleship

My one and only Threadless tee actually happens to be “Flowers in the Attic,” the one with the butterflies. Can I get some props for being completely unoriginal and getting THE most popular shirt on the site? I might also go for this svelte going-out tee next.

Stay tuned for more cool tees, and possibly an in-depth search engine keyword analysis of this domain name.