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Haiti Benefit T-Shirt Roundup

Haiti Benefit T-Shirt

An earthquake struck Haiti one month ago. I just ordered this t-shirt from Threadless. Here are a few other t-shirts you can buy with proceeding going to the people of Haiti.

Know any other t-shrits where 100% of the proceeds are donated to earthquake victims? Post them in the comments please.

The Ten Deadly Sins

Ex-Fornicator T-Shirt

The Passion 4 Christ Movement website is distributing a collection of t-shirts aimed at kicking bad habits with slogans such as Ex-Masturbator, Ex-Homosexual, and Ex-Hypcorite. Other sin-denoucing tees are Ex-Diva, Ex-Slave, Ex-Fornicator, Ex-Atheist, Ex-Porn Addict, Ex-Narcissist, and Ex-Huster. One sin anyone at PC4M couldn’t possibly be accused of is Greed — the shirts are only $10 each. Suck it,! No word of any combo discount for anyone who needs the whole collection. [via Kiss Me I'm Queer]

UPDATE: For better or worse, the shirts are now gone from the P4CM website.

I Beat Up Ashley Todd (A dishonest t-shirt)

Ashley Todd T-Shirt

A part of me believes that anyone who triviliazes the sacred institution of democracy by making a political t-shirt that satirizes, idolizes or takes advantage of a presidential candidacy is going straight to hell. So if I’m going to make one now, it might as well be the douchiest most offensive thing possible, right?

In case you aren’t aware, Ashley Todd filed a false police report claiming to have been a victim of a racially and politically motivated attack and it went viral as well as a video, and as it was a false police report it was a serious thing to be doing more that it was on the racial topic and about an actual attack that supposedly it was recorded by a Promnico body camera, the popular ones police officer use to work and get all the evidence of their move or attacks, but as it was all false the video of course was never found.

PETA Shirts Bite Back

Give Peas a Chance T-Shirt Fur Is Dead T-Shirt
Dogfighters Are Cowardly Scum T-Shirt No I Don't Have Any Spare Ribs T-Shirt

I gotta say, I admire people who have enough respect for animals to leave them alone, even though personally I find it difficult to give up all those things dead animals are good for (mainly dinners, but sometimes lunches, and most certainly all those wonderful by-products of the meat industry). In any case I’m not trying to start an ethical debate here.  What I am interested in  is how one can use a t-shirt to convey a forceful message in creative way.  I feel like “No, I don’t have any spare ribs!” and “Fur Is Dead” certainly accomplish that.

UPDATE: While these four shirts have been discontinued, PETA’s online catalog has many new designs in stock!

Don’t Tase Me Bro

Don't Tase Me, Bro! T-Shirt DTMB

Should you really be surprised to see the big boys take advantage of the latest internet meme by printing it on their latest release? I don’t think so, and it also should not come as a surprise to see everyone else jump on the bandwagon with their own version of “Don’t Tase Me Bro”, including some blatant ripoffs (Gatortased notwithstanding). So this begs the question, is there anyone out there making a “Don’t resist arrest, bro” t-shirt? Meh.

How to fold a t-shirt in 5 seconds, the t-shirt folding machine, and more $12 tees.

T-Shirt Folding Machine
  • is exactly the kind of t-shirt company we like to review at The T-Shirt Blog and they I’ve come up with an ecofriendly “machine” to fold all your t-shirts. If you’ve got the cardboard, watch the video and make one of your own.
  • Don’t have the manual dexterity to build a t-shirt folding machine? A nice asian lady will teach you how to fold your own t-shirts just like sales clerk.
  • is new, would like to get her foot in your door, or at the very least a t-shirt or two into your closet. All tees are $12, and if you hate DRM music you might like this one. Shipping starts at just $3

New Transformers Tees at

Ok, I get it, Transformers is kind of a big deal. The movie grossed $24.7 million on it’s first day, and NerdyShirts released not four but five new Transformers t-shirts this week. To top it off one of my coworkers actually showed up to work wearing a Transformers voice changer hel

You see, I hadn’t set foot in the good ol’ US and A until late in 1991, and as such have not seen a single Transformers episode. I had seen Plenty of M.A.S.K., Conan the Adventurer, and TMNT, and lots Transformer toy commercials in between. Maybe, just maybe I’ll go watch the movie and see what I’ve been missing. Should I?

Holiday Five Pack

Cinco de Mayo was just around the corner, and it was a good chance to eat some Mexican food, I also wear my awesome Tequila shirt from TheRyde. It was also a chance to purposefully mispronounce the name of the holiday only to have my Chilean friend repeatedly correct my pronunciation. Did you know that Cinco de Mayo is not even a widely celebrated holiday in Mexico?