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Foreign Tees, Engrish Edition

Play Back That T-Shirt
Swimming To You

First off, I’d like to apologize to anyone who might find the title offensive. What really interests me about this topic is how t-shirts designs can be different, or stay the same as you look at different countries. For every This Is How I Roll, there is Play Back That and Swimming To You. Clearly, there’s a lot of attention and creativity applied to these shirts, as Wikipedia explains:

For the same reasons that a Chinese character or a Japanese Kanji tattoo seems “exotic” to many in the West, Asians may appreciate English words or gibberish for its aesthetic appeal alone; straight lines, frequent symmetry, and the unembellished curves of Latinate letters may all appeal to Asian senses of aesthetics and balance.

With this in mind, I’m wondering where some of you are from. I’ve checked last month’s logs, and I’m seeing a bunch of visitors from Sweden, Australia, and Ukraine (which is where I was born). Of course the majority of my visitors I believe are from the United States, which is where this blog is based.

Generic Slogan Tees From Across The Pond

Charitable Minger T-Shirt Fondle My Bollocks T-Shirt

I don’t know about you, but I have a healthy curiosity toward the Brits. They speak the same language as we do (English), play the same sport (football), and sell/wear the same type of raunchy slogan tees. Of course their English doesn’t quite sound like our own, football is an altogether different sport, and their shock-jerseys are the same but different in an alternate reality/parallel universe sort of way.

Every time you wank... T-Shirt

UPDATE: It isn’t a major surprise, but the site where these shirts were being sold is now offline.