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Geeky Tees for Professionals (Gamers Need Not Apply)

Loading Media File T-Shirt Photoshop Power Tools T-shirt
Font Master T-Shirt Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt

Every Tuesday JunaD puts out a new batch of his favorite Cafepress tees on his blog/review site, TuesdayTeez.  Looking at today’s featured designs, I quickly noticed “Power Tools,” a slick play on words about some of Photoshop’s most used tools.  On second thought, did Photoshop ever have two selection tools, and would you consider them to be power tools?

All of the shirts pictured above are from a site called GeekyTeez, which has a predictable potpourri of themed shirts ranging from video games, coding humor, nostalgia, video game nostalgia, and the obligatory pirate inspired panache.  There’s even a romantic t-shirt about chess, which my dad would probably appreciate.   [Cafepress via TuesdayTeez]

One Horse Shy does Spreadshirt

bad grammar makes me [sic] T-Shirt abcdefgHIgklmnopqrstuvwxyz T-Shirt
Size Matters T-Shirt Grammar Police T-Shirt

I’ve been working hard on a couple of my own t-shirt designs lately, and a part of my inspiration is a site called One Horse Shy.  You might not notice just by looking at it, but OHS fully relies on Spreadshirt‘s on-demand printing and ordering platform.  What’s amazing is how seamlessly the Spreadshirt ordering system is integrated into the website, and how professional the t-shirts and the site’s design look.  One of my absolute favorites is “bad grammar makes me [sic],” and there plenty more shirts organized into topical categories.

Strictly For Webmasters

So far I’ve mainly written about t-shirts from a consumer point of view, but I’ve secretly wanted to create a subsection of this blog that deals with issues faced by webmasters, t-shirt designers, and anyone involved in selling or publishing t-shirts online, in particular because that’s something I am involved in myself. I run several other t-shirt related sites, actively work on advertising campaigns, and have created several t-shirt designs (with more on the way). Given that a significant part of my visitors are actively involved in running t-shirt related sites I feel like I have a ready made audience who could benefit from the topic, and vice versa. So expect to see more posts about things like search engine optimisation, website promotion, search marketing (ppc), and other issues pertaining to running a website and attracting visitors.

My first topic for webmasters has to do with and and the issue of measuring a site’s populary relative to other websites. (If you already know all about Alexa you might want to skip the rest of this post). Before I explain to you what I find so useful about Alexa’s website rankings, let me ask you a question:

Have you ever looked at another website and wondered how much traffic it gets?

It might be a competitor’s website, an industry leader like Busted Tees or Threadless, or maybe a blog who’s readership (or lack thereof) you are wondering about. The reality is, that, short of asking, there is no real way of knowing how much traffic another website gets, and here’s where Alexa comes in. Alexa is a tool that ranks websites sites in order of traffic. So, for example, is number #1, is #2, is #3, and Facebook is #6 as you can see for yourself at Alexa’s main page. The rankings are straightforward – while we don’t know exactly how many visitors or pageviews these sites get, we can see that Yahoo gets the most visitors, Google is just behind, and YouTube follows in third place. A quick search for my site reveals that is ranked… #533,515 as of this minute.

Personally I use the Alexa toolbar for Internet Explorer and the Alexa plugin for Firefox to instantly see the Alexa ranking of any website I visit, just like in this screenshot:

Alexa Toolbar Screenshot

So at this point you are probably wondering, how does Alexa gets it’s rankings? Furthermore, are those rankings accurate and are there any caveats? Well, hold those questions until the end of the article, because it’s time for some tees! Did you really think you were going to read through a full post from The T-Shirt Blog without seeing a single t-shirt? Don’t you realize, t-shirts are the glue that holds the universe together, and permeate everything we see and do! Ok, maybe not, but these customized Alexa tees showcase your site’s ever changing Alexa ranking with the help of Zazzle’s API:

Air Guitar T-Shirt

And now for the nitty-gritty on Alexa’s rankings.

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Upside Down and Inside Out

For some reason t-shirt makers are starting to make shirts that you can read from the upside-down position. The obvious reason for this is so that you can cheat during science…

Measurement Conversion T-Shirt

…and history exams.

American History Cheat Shirt

If only they realized that it would be a lot easier to cheat if they printed everything on the inside, right side up of course.

The Bright Side of T-Shirt Hell

Pimp T-Shirt Talk Nerdy To Me T-Shirt
Keep I.T. Real T-Shirt Green Party T-Shirt

Remember the days when T-shirt Hell used to be really offensive, got itself into numerous lawsuits and all sorts of controversy?  Kotaku, a gaming blog, even got a C & D letter because they posted a T-Shirt Hell tee!

Well it ain’t your grandma’s T-Shirt Hell anymore.  I’m not saying you won’t find a bunch of seriously offensive tees on their website, but some of the newer designs are funny in an almost wholesome sort of way!