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Guitar Hero Makeover Guide

If you are already a fan of the Guitar Hero franchise/gaming cult here’s your chance to take your fretwork to the next level:

Step 1. Order the amazing online game Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hero shirt from

fromStep 2. Get the Guitar Hero Encore: Rock the 80′s from BestBuy for only $39.99 and get a free $15 gift card.

Step 3. Finally, buy the XFPS Mini Guitar Controller and rock out with a gaming controller made from real wood!

Step 4. Watch this training video on YouTube.

(Via Technabob and Fatwallet)

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New Transformers Tees at

Ok, I get it, Transformers is kind of a big deal. The movie grossed $24.7 million on it’s first day, and NerdyShirts released not four but five new Transformers t-shirts this week. To top it off one of my coworkers actually showed up to work wearing a Transformers voice changer hel

You see, I hadn’t set foot in the good ol’ US and A until late in 1991, and as such have not seen a single Transformers episode. I had seen Plenty of M.A.S.K., Conan the Adventurer, and TMNT, and lots Transformer toy commercials in between. Maybe, just maybe I’ll go watch the movie and see what I’ve been missing. Should I?

One Hundred Percent Cotton

I’ve written about Threadless on several previous occasions, and I’ve already been criticized for writing about them too much. I have to admit, they are pretty easy to blog about considering their fresh monthly releases and reasonable prices. Also, judging by the Street Team points I’ve accumulated so far Threadless has exactly the kind of unique and creatively designed tees people want to see, and buy.

I do have one pretty serious beef with Threadless. Most of the guy’s tees are printed on a Fruit of the Loom 50/50 blend, not 100% cotton like most of their other products (maybe that’s the reason why Girl’s tees cost $2 more?). Although some people don’t have a problem with this, I find the material rather coarse and the polyester blend wears warm over a full day. That’s why I am devoting this post to designs fully available on 100% cotton products.

UPDATE: Threadless has switched to proprietary cotton t-shirts that are much more comfortable, although they do run rather small in size.

Threadless Select tees are designs submitted by professional artists and designers, and unlike the regular competition winners they are printed on !00% cotton American Apparel t-shirts for both guys’ and girls’ sizes. The downside is that they cost $10 more than the competition winners, but if you are wannabe geek like me you’ll definitely want to roll the dice on this Revenge of the Nerds styled tee before the limited stock runs out. Accept no imitations!

There’s actually quite a lot of hoodies now available at Threadless, but not everything that looks good on a t-shirt works well on a sweatshirt, like this emo cyclops on a bright blue hoodie. That’s why I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of this brand new skeleton-on-dragon action hoodie – the zippered cut and the two-tone graphic should make for a stylish look. Besides, it’s about time I have something white in my wardrobe besides a t-shirt.

Interested in more Threadless cotton offerings? Check out the rest of the Select tees, or head on over to stock chart to see which hoodies and long sleeve designs are available in your size.


Post 2.0: The blog t-shirt

I thought of this as one of the better t-shirts on TshirtHumor, even before I ever started blogging. Hopefully, I’ll be able to avoid this kind of narcissism. I am going to devote this post, however, to the elusive blog t-shirt, but before we get to the predictable blog swag drivel, here’s another blog t-shirt that’s actually good, from who else, but Threadless.

Not to say that this tee isn’t without blogtroversy, or that you won’t get sued (shot?) by your local Bloods chapter for ripping off their gang sign. If you’d rather avoid all that, here are some shirts inspired by the pure, unadulterated angst of blogging.

Ahh, nothing like an attractive female telling me that she doesn’t want to read my blog. Finally, here is an interesting site that manages to create a word cloud for your blog, or website, and print it on a t-shirt. This is what my word cloud would look like.

Now time for one last bit of geekyness, as promised in my previous post. If you check the Overture Keyword Suggestion tool (a very useful tool that includes data from the second largest search network) for the keyword t-shirt blog,  you will see that the term gets about 100 searches a month (much more on Google). Since the tool doesn’t differentiate between tshirt blog and blog tshirt it’s impossible to tell who was looking for what. Either way, I am likely to see hits from both searches because I have the two words in my domain name, and why not? I deserve the traffic!