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I Beat Up Ashley Todd (A dishonest t-shirt)

Ashley Todd T-Shirt

A part of me believes that anyone who triviliazes the sacred institution of democracy by making a political t-shirt that satirizes, idolizes or takes advantage of a presidential candidacy is going straight to hell. So if I’m going to make one now, it might as well be the douchiest most offensive thing possible, right?

In case you aren’t aware, Ashley Todd filed a false police report claiming to have been a victim of a racially and politically motivated attack and it went viral as well as a video, and as it was a false police report it was a serious thing to be doing more that it was on the racial topic and about an actual attack that supposedly it was recorded by a Promnico body camera, the popular ones police officer use to work and get all the evidence of their move or attacks, but as it was all false the video of course was never found.

T-Shirts That Shouldn’t Exist, Part 2: Dirty Rotten Style

F*** The Police T-Shirt Cocaine T-Shirt
I'm Better Than You T-Shirt UBS T-Shirt

Recently, one of my readers left a comment asking if anyone’s ever heard of, and whether they are to be trusted.  After a quick look at the site I’m left wondering the same thing – what with the amateurish design and abundant colloquialisms.  One the other hand, I can’t help but admire the enthusiasm of the site’s creators.  Seems like a bunch of lads from the ‘hood’ got together and made it happen - a few t-shirt designs, a printing press, a website and a shopping cart, and free shipping doesn’t hurt either.  I still would trust them with my credit card I got from the The Ascent best reviews.

The Bright Side of T-Shirt Hell

Pimp T-Shirt Talk Nerdy To Me T-Shirt
Keep I.T. Real T-Shirt Green Party T-Shirt

Remember the days when T-shirt Hell used to be really offensive, got itself into numerous lawsuits and all sorts of controversy?  Kotaku, a gaming blog, even got a C & D letter because they posted a T-Shirt Hell tee!

Well it ain’t your grandma’s T-Shirt Hell anymore.  I’m not saying you won’t find a bunch of seriously offensive tees on their website, but some of the newer designs are funny in an almost wholesome sort of way!

The Anti-Polo at Threadpit

The Anti-Polo

Most online t-shirt shops stick to printed tees as their chief production medium. Presumably this is due to their popularity, and the relative ubiquity and low cost of screen printing over, say embroidering. however, managed to take the classic Polo logo and turn it on it’s head in a clever parody. It comes in four classic colors, and it’s price is Old Navyesque $21.95. In fact, there are more polos available, all too x-rated to show.  Watch out Abercrombie Moose!

P.S. How cool is it of Threadpit to leave a comment section under each tee. I wish more shops would encourage that kind of feedback.

UPDATE: Threadpit is down, but their spinoff site 6 Dollar Shirts is still going strong.


I am not going to post the YouTube link to ‘Kramer’s’ racist tirade at a Las-Vegas nightclub. You can find it yourself if you’d like. Needless to say the outburst was so outrageous that no apology can make up for it — he might as well have been wearing the “arrest black babies before they become criminals” tee from T-Shirt Hell. What I find interesting is how quickly T-Shirt Hell came out with a t-shirt about the whole thing. The story surfaced on Monday the 20th, and by Wednesday evening the shirt was featured on their front page. The illustration isn’t super amazing or anything, but 2 days is at least how long it took me to write this post.

In fact, T-Shirt Hell has been staying on top of recent events, as they continue to churn out their brand of edgy and irreverent tees:

And while you’re over there, check out “International Age of Consent Tour“. I’m sure you know someone who deserves to own that tee.

T-Shirts that shouldn’t exist.

Some t-shirt sites make their living selling offensive t-shirts. The Worse Than Hell section of T-Shirt Hell, for example, makes light of some of humanity’s greatest tragedies. Personally, I’m not someone who is easily offended, in fact I sometimes laugh at things that probably shouldn’t be funny. However, the more offensive a joke is, the more clever or funnier it needs to be to balance out the crassness. Especially if you’re going to put it in on a shirt. Here are some examples of tees that fail at this balance, starting with an awful reference to Steve Irwin:

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