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Design By Humans

Cats and Grandmas
Gold Skull T-Shirt

It’s about time I gave a mention to DesignByHumans. They’ve grown tremendously since I first started blogging about dogs and the best cbd dog treats, and they are having a post-Christmas clearance. Don’t expect anything earth-shattering in terms of savings, or any monkey business for that matter.
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Gawker Shop Closeout Sale

Four More Years T-Shirt I'll Keep Your Secret T-Shirt
It's Not Whoring... T-Shirt She Did What? T-Shirt

The bastion of newsworthyness that is the Gawker blog network used to run a small spinoff t-shirt site with a few slogan tees that I liked. Unfortunately they are in the middle of closing up shop, which I hope this isn’t because they’ve lost their joie de vivre for t-shirts, or that the rigors of running a business have become too much. After all, that wouldn’t be very encouraging news for those of us just starting out. The upside is that you can now own any of the Gawker tees still in stock for just $9.99.

Threadless ’07 Wrap-Up (Win a $25 gift card)

The Threadless Winter sale has been extended through the end of today.  Clearly, there is no time to waste on a long winded post, but there are a lot of good shirts still available.  Many old designs have been reprinted, but unfortunately a lot of them are sold out especially in guys sizes (Nice Boobies notwithstanding).

Death T-Shirt

Also I wanna give a small token of appreciation to one of my my faithfull readers – a $25 Threadless giftcard you can hopefully use to snatch up a couple of shirts before the sale is over.  Just reply to this post before 5 pm today and I’ll randomly select a winner and email  the gift card to the email address listed in the winning comment.

Here are some in-stock tees worth buying, sale or not:

Swiss Army T-Shirt Hairy Monsters T-Shirt
Robotic Heart T-Shirt Everyone Poops T-Shirt
Self Doubt T-Shirt Bird In A Pocket T-Shirt
Garden T-Shirt Movies VS. Books T-Shirt