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Burnswell $12 Sale

I’ve been wanting to do a special section about t-shirts sales and bargains, and with the holiday shopping season in full swing it’s about time.  There are a couple of sales going on right now, and as the competition between t-shirt merchants increases I don’t think that’s about to change.   So stay tuned for more deals on worthwhile tees, and if you’ve have a tip for me, by all means send it in or leave a comment.

Grim Reaper T-Shirt Lionlike T-Shirt
Love & Hate Knuckle Tattoo T-Shirt Death Crest T-Shirt

To start things off we have, a two year old online store with 25 original designs you won’t find anywhere else.  Everything is at a discounted $12 and shipping is around $5, depending on how many shirts you order. Enter coupon code BRNS_TSB for another 10% discount.

UPDATE: Burnswell were really nice people with some original t-shirt designs, but unfortunately the rigors of running indie t-shirt shop caught up with them.

BustedTees SuperSale

Jackass T-Shirt Thrift Store T-Shirt

Twelve hours pretty much equates to a blink of an eye in internet time, but if you happen to be reading this between noon and midnight on Friday the 17th (don’t ask me about timezones), and you happen to be in the mood to do some online shopping, then make an http connection to for a surprise sale where every tee is only $12. Get three tees, and shipping is free to make this a truly slick deal.

Don’t forget to check out my BustedTees review for some inspiration.

End of Threadless Sale

Wow… time sure goes by fast, and the 30 day sale at Threadless is coming to an end. The sale’s apparently been extended till 11 AM this Thursday, so that means you and I (and anyone else who might want to buy some shirts) have approximately 1.5 days to get our $^!# together and wade through Threadless’ catalog of brand new , newly reprinted and older tees, as well as newly offered long sleeved shirts and hoodies.

For those of you who aren’t entirely familiar with Threadless or their famous sales, they are basically one of the most popular and best known t-shirt retailers around. They hold on-going t-shirt design competitions and have a constant stream of new quality designs. Their shirts do well enough at a regular price of $15-17, but once or twice (or thrice) a year they hold a $10 sale, and not just to sell off inventory either – they continue printing and reprinting tees throughout the sale. With that said, on to my picks:

It’s winter time in the Northern Hemisphere, and I’m definitely partial to designs that come in a hoodie and/or long sleeve version in addition to the classic tee. This design oozes 80′s retro, and looks good on a cozy and warm looking sweatshirt.

I *heart* t-shirts with stuff printed in non-standard places. In this case it’s simplistic autumn leaves looking particularly good on an off sheer girls’ long sleeve, or a regular’s guy’s long sleeve tee.

To me Threadless is all about designs like this one, slightly off the beaten path, with a fine arts sensitibility, and an element of irony.

This one actually made me smile and go ‘aww’, in a non-verbal sort of way (since I don’t talk to myself outloud). I am also beginning to suspect that a lot of Threadless’ design submissions are recycled art school homework. This illustration would definitely get an an A+ from me.

Not sure what more can be said about this terrific design, but here are some more T’s worth mentioning:

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$10 Tees

I just got an email from Threadless announcing a sneaky little two day sale – almost everything is $10 until Wednesday morning.

Holy cow, we’re having a quick 2 day $10 sale before the sale to get your blood pumping. If you like to get an early start on the holidays, start your gift buying now!

This includes a lot of the new releases I wrote about recently, as well as the older favorites. Some t-shirts have been reprinted and overall it seems like there is a bunch of shirts I haven’t really seen before. Here is some [affordable] eye candy: