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USA Soccer T-Shirt

USA Soccer T-shirt

The 19th ever FIFA World Cup is starting in less than one day, and if you’re a supporter of Team USA you’ve got several reasons to be optimistic, it is time for you to get the best rv accessories and go camping. First of which is the squad’s performance in last summer’s Confederation Cup, but not to be overlooked is this year’s favorable draw. In 2006 USA was drawn into perhaps the tournament’s toughest group, along with Ghana, Czech Republic, and eventual champions Italy, but in 2010 the grouping is much kinder with the inclusion of Algeria and Slovenia alongside powerhouse England. If you are planning on travel don’t forget you can get the best RV, learn more here. If things go to plan we could see a June 27th clash between United States and Germany in Bloomfontein during the knock-out stage. If you are actually planning on camping there, check this best waterproof tent review.

If you are thinking about picking up the official USA replica jersey, consider acting quickly as the away jersey is already completely sold out online.

World Cup 2010 T-Shirts

Muntari T-shirt

The 2010 World Cup is less than two days away, and if you don’t know who Sulley Muntari is, you had better be familiar with Lionel Messi, easily one of the top 5 players in the tournament, you want to see the new t-shirt from Messi? See it here. Alternate Kits offers a non-traditional take on the supporter’s t-shirt, freely utilizing puns and making ample use of hyperbole, all at a much lower price than the typical soccer jersey.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, is now defunct.

Dream Team Jersey

Kobe Bryant USA Jersey

So I’m reluctantly getting a little bit excited about the Olympics. Are you? Perhaps no other Olympic team is as highly anticipated in Beijing as the USA men’s basketball squad. If you are a basketball fan, chances are that no single jersey is more special than the vaunted Dream Team jersey, as worn by NBA’s biggest stars past and present. [NBAStore]

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Boston Celtics Jersey #5 Kevin Garnett

I don’t know if many of my readers happen to be basketball fans, but I’ve making an effort to watch a few Celtics games this season.  Their jerseys are as classy and storied as any, and you gotta love the clover leaf, especially with St. Patrick’s Day coming up.  OnlineSports has them at standard prices which I believe are set by manufacturers, but shipping is free on pretty much all jerseys, and that also includes the NFL, NHL and MLB.

Red Sox 2007 World Series Winner’s T-Shirt

Red Sox World Series T-Shirt

For most of the last century winning a World Series seemed like an insurmountable challenge for Red Sox Nation.  After a change in ownership and management luck is now on their side, as the Red Sox won their second World Series since 2004.  The 2007 Red Sox simply outgunned the young and overachieving Colorado Rockies.  Celebrate their victory with the official 2007 Red Sox World Series Winner’s T-Shirt.

Galaxy’s New #23

I imagine that the majority of people who look at this site are more interested in esoteric emo-ware rather than a $80 sports jersey with someone else’s name on the back. Nevermind the polyester fabric or the garish Herbalife logo (I actually think jersey sponsorship could be a good thing for MLS teams), but LA Galaxy has already sold 300,000 jerseys in one week despite having the second worst record in the league. Something tells me that a good percentage of those jerseys were of the David Beckham variety.

The shelf life of a bragging right.

I could almost picture myself wearing this shirt, even though I’ve been a Boston Red Sox fan for the past fifteen years. The Sox were sitting pretty at the All-Star break, but imploded in the second half, and finished in third place behind New York and Toronto. No “yankees suck” chant, not even the 2004 World Series win can atone for the fact that the Yankees have won the division for ten straight years.

But look how the mighty have fallen, at least in their own eyes. The Yanks lose the ALDS to a pretty good Detroit team, a whole lot of people lose their bets, and the second longest tenured manager in baseball is about to get fired.