Don’t ask, don’t tell, just wear that shirt!

Gaydar T-Shirt
Donut Hole T-Shirt
Bottom Feeder T-Shirt
Crafty Beaver T-Shirt

I just started working on another blog, and this time it’s all about gay t-shirts. As I’ve discovered, one of the best destinations for gay tees happens to be Queer Republic, and no, it’s not all about rainbows and gay marriage like you might think (although there is some of that there if it suits you). ¬†In fact, the site’s top notch illustration and testosterone driven slogans rival the likes of BustedTees and Snorg.

UPDATE: Like many other good things, seems to have come to an end.

5 thoughts on “Don’t ask, don’t tell, just wear that shirt!

  1. Real nice motives for Shirts. I will buy me that “How many Holes” Shirts. That Rox! In past days i saw often those Blinkin Shirts. You can see on the Link i posted in my name. Is it possible to make your motives with this blinking stuff? I would buy :).

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