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Boston Celtics Jersey #5 Kevin Garnett

I don’t know if many of my readers happen to be basketball fans, but I’ve making an effort to watch a few Celtics games this season.  Their jerseys are as classy and storied as any, and you gotta love the clover leaf, especially with St. Patrick’s Day coming up.  OnlineSports has them at standard prices which I believe are set by manufacturers, but shipping is free on pretty much all jerseys, and that also includes the NFL, NHL and MLB.

8 thoughts on “Free Shipping on Official NBA Jerseys at OnlineSports

  1. Very nice. Coming from England, it’s always interesting to see what sports people in other countries wear as its a great representation of the sport and the country that its played in.

  2. Hi, James. I actually run a some Uk based ad campaigns for soccer (football) and rugby jerseys so I’m well aware what sports people over there wear :). I’m guessing American sports are also popular to some extent..

  3. I was wondering if you know if the NBA is ever going to sell the jerseys from the 2008 All-star charity/celebrity game? I am not one for sports jerseys even though I am an avid sports fan, but I am huge fan of good design. The jerseys were an argyle pattern using the colors of New Orleans/Mardi Gras (purple, white with accents of gold and green). I figured since the NBA is such a schill and would market and sell any possible variation of every jersey ever that I would be able to purchase this one, but so far no luck. Have you heard anything?

  4. Mike, are these the jerseys you’re looking for? I don’t see any argyle there, but these do look “tight,” as you would say. Hope you can find a player on there that you like!

  5. Ohh ok.. I can definitely see why you want one now. I did quick search and can’t find a thing, but keep looking on ebay in case one pops up.

    This reminds me of those old Roswell
    Rayguns jerseys
    that I thought were the coolest thing ever.

  6. whao so fantastic neye odunuga from nigeria garnett jersey is the best in the world i will love to have it but cant afford it i love u garnett

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