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So here’s my partial excuse for not posting in a really long while. I’ve been taking two art classes this spring, a drawing fundamentals class, and a class about the basics of composition (which has a pretty strong lead-in into graphic design and thus t-shirt design. I’ve uploaded some of my projects as well as some of the quicker sketches into my Flickr account, in case anyone wants to take a look.

Meat IS Murder T-Shirt

Since we’re talking about art and since this is still a blog about t-shirts, I’ll combine the two and tell you about a method of making your t-shirts using a method I learned about earlier today.  The process is called cyanotype, or sun printing which basically involves leaving special photosensitive paper, or in our case, special photosensitive t-shirt out in the sun for about ten minutes and letting the UV rays turn blue everything that isn’t masked out or obscured from direct light.  There is some more info about the process here.

Sun Printed T-Shirt

The obvious downside here is that everything is going to be white on blue, but think about the possibilities.  You can use any object you want as your screen.  You could make your own stencil, use a mosquito net for a pattern, an empty vodka bottle…  maybe even a magnifying glass!  Plus you are no longer confined to the front or back of your shirt – you can print on the sides, on the sleeves – anywhere you want.  I only hope these are colorfast.

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