Geeky Tees for Professionals (Gamers Need Not Apply)

Loading Media File T-Shirt Photoshop Power Tools T-shirt
Font Master T-Shirt Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt

Every Tuesday JunaD puts out a new batch of his favorite Cafepress tees on his blog/review site, TuesdayTeez.  Looking at today’s featured designs, I quickly noticed “Power Tools,” a slick play on words about some of Photoshop’s most used tools.  On second thought, did Photoshop ever have two selection tools, and would you consider them to be power tools?

All of the shirts pictured above are from a site called GeekyTeez, which has a predictable potpourri of themed shirts ranging from video games, coding humor, nostalgia, video game nostalgia, and the obligatory pirate inspired panache.  There’s even a romantic t-shirt about chess, which my dad would probably appreciate.   [Cafepress via TuesdayTeez]

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