It’s my Birthday!

Have a Nice Bidet T-shirt

And the greatest present I could possibly give myself is a new and revamped T-Shirt Blog! Not everything is complete, but during the last couple of weeks I’ve put in a lot of time into tweaking the layout.  I started by upgrading the blog’s software, and I made the content area wider while also increasing the font size of most of the elements.  I believe this will make the blog easier to read, and will allow me to post bigger, higher-res images of t-shirts, which is, after all, what the blog is really about.  I also made a few minor tweaks to make sure everything is neat and aligned, removed a few elements which I deemed less than useful, and added a few things, like the email subscription widget on the upper portion of the sidebar.

More things to come:

  • Completely new background images.  If you have any high res photo images or vector art that I can use, please let me know!  I’d like to use some high res t-shirt close-ups, but bandwidth may be an issue.
  • Ads.
  • More t-shirts!
About the tshirt in the image: Have a Nice Bidet is made by a California based surf-shop called TheRyde, who were nice enough to send me a couple of free samples over a year ago. Same Old is pretty much the nicest, softest, and tightest-fitting t-shirt I own.
UPDATE: This design is no longer available.

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