6 thoughts on “Have Video Games Ruined Your Life?

  1. Hey, this is a pretty funny t-shirt. As someone who’s played video games all my life, I can totally relate. I especially like the 8-bit look of the hearts.

  2. A friend of mine used to be a QA tester and is now a designer. He is the only person I know who loves video games thinks they’re good for you too.

  3. I can remember sitting in my living room ALL DAY playing old timey video games. Ah brings back all the feelings of my parents telling me that video games will ruin my life.

    Anyone want to buy a really expensive house?

  4. Good old days spending most of my time playing pac man or super mario bros.
    That’s a great t-shirt reminding me of those glorious days :-) . Unfortunately here in Germany there are only a few shops where you can get videogame related shirt. As far as I remember merchandiseme had some nice game shirts (http://www.merchandiseme.de)

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