I Beat Up Ashley Todd (A dishonest t-shirt)

Ashley Todd T-Shirt

A part of me believes that anyone who triviliazes the sacred institution of democracy by making a political t-shirt that satirizes, idolizes or takes advantage of a presidential candidacy is going straight to hell. So if I’m going to make one now, it might as well be the douchiest most offensive thing possible, right?

In case you aren’t aware, Ashley Todd filed a false police report claiming to have been a victim of a racially and politically motivated attack and it went viral as well as a video, and as it was a false police report it was a serious thing to be doing more that it was on the racial topic and about an actual attack that supposedly it was recorded by a Promnico body camera, the popular ones police officer use to work and get all the evidence of their move or attacks, but as it was all false the video of course was never found.

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