Linkdump Friday

I receive what seems like a TON of e-mail from mostly a upstart t-shirt companies, and it’s difficult to keep up with, let alone reply to all of them. However, I do appreciate the effort, and here are some of the best t-shirt links I’ve received in my mailbox.

  • Sandia T-Shirts – A site dedicated to I Heart state t-shirts. Only a few states are up so far, but the designs are quite nice, and the web design is superb.
  • PMB Clothing – Very well done artsy t-shirts with oversized designs featuring monsters.
  • FlippinSweetGear – Has been around for a while, and has some really cool pop-culture designs.
  • Sobogear – A very nicely designed site with some nice t-shirts to boot. I appreciated that the t-shirts were modeled by actual human beings, instead of a digital overlay.
  • Dadtastic – A site with over forty t-shirts dedicated to Dads takes some serious dedication!
  • The Nerdiest T-Shirts – Forget about all the other nerdy sites you may have come across. These shirts, I believe, are made by people from MIT, and they contain unbelievably esoteric scientific references that will make you “Pi” t-shirt cry, and it’s colors run for cover.
  • Rock Band T-Shirts – Trippy tie-dye t-shirts with a focus on classic rock.
  • My Friend Dick – I love goofy URLs, which is why I’m including this.
  • Designious – A website for vector art, including some beautiful, and inexpensive t-shirts.

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