Lucky Threadz Rocks!

Air Guitar T-Shirt

No, I’m not just saying that as a play on words with the above t-shirt.  Lucky Threadz really is an outstanding vendor with a multitude of original and creative designs.  Think of them as Busted Tees‘ more urbane counterpart, but with somewhat outdated pop-culture references.  And while you are there – don’t forget to check out some of the embedded videos, like this hilarious Richard Simmons sketch from Who’s Line Is It Anyways, and a poignant reading by Charles Bukowski

I Heart Vegas T-Shirt Step Ladder T-Shirt
God Surfs T-Shirt Communist Party T-Shirt
CliCHE T-Shirt Bell Biv Devoe T-Shirt
The Less I Care T-Shirt Kick Me T-Shirt
Tastie Burger T-Shirt American Flag/ Bar Code T-Shirt

For more things that rock check out the ultimate guitar hero accessory guide, and be sure to look through the rest of Lucky Threadz’ affordable inventory, including long sleeved tees, and hoodies.

Update: LuckyThreadz relaunched their site and is now under the brand name Loiterink.  I tried to change the links where possible, but not all of the t-shirts made it to the new site.

UPDATE: LuckyThreadz/Loiterink was a big part of the t-shirts seen of 00s, but are now a part of the digital graveyard.

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