M&Ms Are The New T-Shirts

Personalized M&Ms

Is the M&M division of Mars, Inc. really doing so badly that management feels the need to prostitute diversify the brand by going into the novelty gifts business?  Mymms.com now offers fully customizable candy, which means more things for us to customize and personalize without needing to get our lazy butts out of our task chairs.

Realistically, the MY M&M’S® fill the niche of party favors and Valentine’s Day presents, as the minimum order is $47.96, and most package options include individually wrapped favors.  Amazingly enough, a $3849.99 crystal champagne flute and diamond ring set is also available, with four 7oz bags of personalized M&Ms thrown in to sweeten the deal.

5 thoughts on “M&Ms Are The New T-Shirts

  1. Well I guess it was the next step in internet customization. I suppose pretty soon they’ll be letting people open up their own M&Ms shops with their own sayings and selling them while the M&Ms company keeps the base price of the products.

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