Moblogging with The T-Shirt Blog

I came across the idea of moblogging about t-shirts while reading a recent post by Karl at Tcritic. This of course prompted me to check my Blackberry Pearl, with the mostly empty 2 GB MicroSD card inside, and 1.3 megapixels of cameraphone goodness.  The findings revealed the following photo of a delicious t-shirt from Questionable Content, as worn by a friend of a friend.

Math is Delicious T-Shirt

There was also another random tee shot. Your guess is as good as mine as to what they were putting the “fun” into.

Mystery Shirt

Now, I don’t think I’ll be doing a whole lot of this kind of “reporting” in the future. Trying to convince someone to let you take a picture of their shirt is bad enough, but where is the karma pointing a camera at their chest because of the t-shirt they are wearing, as opposed to the t-shirt they are not wearing?  Anyhow, my closet has plenty of undocumented tees to share.


The tee is a gift loan from a friend, who got it from Steve & Barry’s, a department store chain NY and perhaps other places.  Unfortunately a web search for this shirt turned up nothing at all, neither on their website, nor on ebay, not anywhere else.  So if you happen to really want a creamy pink guy’s t-shirt that says “Shortie” on it, you are SOL unless you are willing to DIY via Zazzle

2 thoughts on “Moblogging with The T-Shirt Blog

  1. Strange that people are reluctant to be photographed. I though in this day and age everyone wanted their 15mins of fame or at least fame via their t-shirt.

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