MySoti First Impressions

A couple of days ago I wrote about Spreadshirt, one of the leading t-shirt on-demand companies in the world. I didn’t stop there, and I’d like try out and review many more custom t-shirt and write about them here. Next up is MySoti, a previously unknown, and mysterious printer with and Indian sounding name. One of my readers, Kevin, alerted me to their presense, and I decided to give them a shot.

It turns out that MySoti is in fact a t-shirt printer and allows you to put your designs on sale in a sort of a shop, much like Spreadshirt and Cafepress. Uploading your designs and finalizing your products is pretty easy, especially considering a much smaller range of products, which includes American Apparel products for Men, Women, children and babies! I also like the the large 12.5″ by 17.5″ printable area, but what really interested me about MySoti is the way that it’s organized—more like a community than a t-shirt marketplace. You can vote for designs you like, check out creators’ profiles, and view other shirts offered by a given designer. In my mind, voting is what’s missing from major t-shirt marketplaces. Think YouTube meets Cafepress—now that would really separate the wheat from the chaff!

While MySoti proved to be a fun experience with it’s vibrant collection of available designs, it remains to be seen if their quality is up to snuff and whether their reach is big enough to make them relevant.

16 thoughts on “MySoti First Impressions

  1. MySoti is an evolved version of Bountee, who were around for quite a long time. I’ve never received any of their products, but I get the feeling from the designers associated with it and and from conversations with the owners that the quality level should be pretty good.

  2. I was amazed by their designs and their whole webpresence aswell. Also the opportunity to vote for
    submitted designs feels just like it should be…
    I ordered two shirts…the shirt and print quality was ok…
    sadly one shirt, a black one with a red print on it happened to have very obvious “traps”…means the white underprint is visible on some of the edges. The more details in the printing shape….the more traps. And after one wash (no cooking and bleaching of course) all red color was almost vanished and bleached out to a light pink.
    I have uploaded some designs myself, and am somehow sad to see how poor the quality (in my case) turned out…
    maybe it was just bad luck

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