More Threadlessness

Threadless released quite a few new tees in the past month and the results are as expected. The winner of the Nextfest design competition has been announced, and the rest of the designs include this cool art deco-ish premium tee, the usual emo fare, and a shirt I just don’t get. There is also further proof that Threadless is made for art students, by art students. The best of the bunch, however, is this striking illustration entitled “No More Bento.”

I’m also starting to like the shirt that looks like a bathroom wall, ever since I realized it has two sides, and a “NO SPANKING” sign on the lower black.

They also brought back “What Would McGyver Do?” one of the few Threadless tees that a fratboy would actually be caught wearing.

Threadless did the right thing by taking down the “I’d give my left arm to play drums for Def Leppard” slogan tee. It wasn’t terribly funny, whether you are familiar with the actual story, or not (more on t-shirts that shouldn’t have been made in my next post).P.S. Take a look at SplitTheAtom, a new British company which seems to have a very similar setup to Threadless.

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