One Horse Shy does Spreadshirt

bad grammar makes me [sic] T-Shirt abcdefgHIgklmnopqrstuvwxyz T-Shirt
Size Matters T-Shirt Grammar Police T-Shirt

I’ve been working hard on a couple of my own t-shirt designs lately, and a part of my inspiration is a site called One Horse Shy.  You might not notice just by looking at it, but OHS fully relies on Spreadshirt‘s on-demand printing and ordering platform.  What’s amazing is how seamlessly the Spreadshirt ordering system is integrated into the website, and how professional the t-shirts and the site’s design look.  One of my absolute favorites is “bad grammar makes me [sic],” and there plenty more shirts organized into topical categories.

8 thoughts on “One Horse Shy does Spreadshirt

  1. the t shirts i like are the ones that display unexpected wit. i put your (brain) size matters t shirt in that category. tamer than what i usually go for but i like your alphabet t shirt as well.

    i too have some t shirts i made. feel free to stop by click on the blog entries to check out shirts . comments welcome

  2. We would love to have you check out our new Obama shirt on CafePress. We recently released our OBI-WAN OBAMA shirt to coincide with the new Starwars animation movie, The Clone Wars, and with the Democratic convention. Both of these events are happening in August so we hope our timing is perfect. It goes without saying I guess that we would be thrilled to have you recognize our design. Thanks much for looking. Jan Harrison

  3. I can see that this blog has a focus on one-off t-shirt companies. Have you seen
    They have the best designer out there. The pricing is higher for the one-offs. If they could get a little cheaper like some of the other sites you have mentioned they could dominate. Have you ever reviewed them or do you have thoughts on their site?

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