Got a t-shirt site? Share it with the world in this post.

The title says it all. If you run a t-shirt site, have an entry in a t-shirt competition, or have ever designed a t-shirt that’s up anywhere you can link us to, post it right here in the comments. Let’s make this the longest t-shirt comments thread ever!

The only catch – you must post a link to a t-shirt or a t-shirt site that inspired you. Just post your stuff, and then follow it up with a link to someone else’s work. Here, I’ll start: – Contains a few of my designs, which I have uploaded to Cafepress, America’s favorite self-publishing site for t-shirts.

One of my favorite t-shirt sites happens to be T-Shirt Hell, not necessarily because I love offensive t-shirts, but more so because of the dry, sarcastic humor often found hiding behind the offending epithet.

Thanks everyone!

183 thoughts on “Got a t-shirt site? Share it with the world in this post.

  1. I run Buffalo T-shirts. Our tees celebrate the history and tradition of Buffalo NY. I currently have 5 t-shirts and one poster design available.
    One of my fav t-shirt sites is TeeCycle.Org, where they sell cool pre-loved vintage T-shirts for cheap. It’s like adopting a cute rescue puppy. $1 of each sale helps restore urban rivers and trails. Check them out!

  2. If you like to watch hilarious YouTube videos then you’ll love wearing t-shirts from Shirts Taste Good!
    All shirts are inspired by popular YouTube videos and feature custom-made designs that will literally make people stop in their tracks and say, “Oh my god, is that grape lady???”
    Check it out!

  3. I love your blog …I try to write you an email but I can’t ???!so I invite you to visite my zoolue’s world ….tees made in italy!
    thanks happy time

  4. If you have a funny Asian bone in you, this Tee site is for you. It’s called CoolGandhi – the kewlest online store for the whackiest India T shirts. Young, counter establishment and lots of attitude.

    3 Hot Monkeys R by CoolGandhi design your own shirts with zazzle

    Stand-up Comedy Slogans with a Desi twist to Paki-Windup, they have em’ all. Browse in the convenience of you comp, secure online ordering – and Oye…, these super quality Designer Tees ships in 24 hours. … Enjoy!

  5. I am getting started printing some T-Shirts from my creative photography as well as some photos taken by my grandfather during his travels climbing mountains all over the world.

    Some of the artwork can be seen at href=’’ rel=’external nofollow’>UnCommon Tees.

  6. Lets try that again,

    I am getting started printing some T-Shirts from my creative photography as well as some photos taken by my grandfather during his travels climbing mountains all over the world.

    Artwork can be seen at

  7. I’ve been printing and selling t-shirts for years. Currently I use for for my printing. These guys are a small business and screen print all their custom t-shrits in house vice outsourcing like custom stink and some of the other big companies. Also, some even better news…. They are getting a high end direct to garment printer and will be offering printing on dark colors and both sides starting in October. Love reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

  8. We run the soon to be launched t-shirt site but you can already now test the site at

    We provide our own unique cut and fit, in very high quality. All t-shirts sell for USD 17, but that includes payment, VAT and shipping globally.

    We have our own designer for prints, but we also take inspiration from visitors to the site and offer 10% of sales to approved design ideas.

    Since T-shirt hell seems to be such an inspiration to many people, I have to say we took some inspiration from that site – and went in a completely different direction – and actually made it simple to buy.

  9. I work for Personal Advisory. Personal Advisory is urban apparel meets underground advocacy agency and manufacturer and is quickly breaking through the clutter of the T-shirt trend, by attracting attention and preserving heroes and advocating global social issues through progressive designs and concepts. Personal Advisory was founded in 2008. At the present moment t-shirts is our medium of choice and our full collection can be viewed at

    We are inspired by the subtle, informative, and poetic aspects that were once common place in hip hop. Thus defines our logo. Once a prominent symbol for Parental Advisory before MP3′s redefined printed cds and record stores thus curving it’s use. Now redefined as a symbol for Social Advisory by each and every individual = Personal Advisory.

  10. Check out our new label and collection at

    Rakes & Strays has been launched in order to allow us to pursue our interest in producing different types of graphic and garment design. Where Eio etches out the future with bold, bright, straight edged graphic-led designs, Rakes and Strays represents a sympathy with the past; of tailored garments, distressed materials and hand-drawn and painted works of art. Rakes and Strays is the vagabond sibling of Eio Clothing, the child that left home early and ran away to join the circus, brought back into the fold for your wearing pleasure. It is the clothing choice of the raconteur, the vagabond itinerant travelling the road with a fiddle and a paintbrush.

    Launching Rakes & Strays allows us to maintain the ethos and style of Eio whilst giving both brands a distinct identity. This will become even clearer over time as we introduce new garments, products and artwork that are in development. To define ourselves as different to other high street brands we place as much attention into the construction of the garment as we do into the artwork.

    Our Classic Mens T-shirt is produced using 100% esmeril cotton, weighing 140 grams. The cotton is combed to give it a luxurious hand touch and really comfortable feeling when wearing it. This is one of the highest quality and softest cottons available, for this reason it’s our Classic Tee. The Rebel Tee is produced from 100% cotton,weighing 120 grms. Thinner than the Classic Tee, it’s designed to be lighter weighted garment, perfect for anybody that prefers a bit more of a vintage look. We only produce with the highest quality tailoring, all garments are produced in the EU and hand printed in the Uk. Each garment is a limited edition produced in small numbers and exclusive to our website.


    Established in 2004 in London by James Lee a First Class honours Fine Art graduate from Goldsmiths College. The company was launched in order to subsidise producing artwork. “After leaving Goldsmith’s I was spending my time making artwork for exhibitions,

  11. Check out our new label and collection at

    At Heraldry we take pride in offering high-end, signature men’s and women’s apparel that is manufactured in the USA. Heraldry offers a modern and stylish look, a comfortable fit, and an innovative approach to fashion design. Our motifs are catchy yet sophisticated, detailed yet conservative, striking yet subtle.

  12. Hi everyone!

    I run monsterthreads –

    We work with a select group of young illustrators, incorporating their whimsical graphics onto our custom range of fashion forward apparel.

    We are inspired most by Johhny cupcakes tees! In a world crowded with tshirt companies, JC stick out!

  13. Check out Electronic Sheep t-shirts at Electronic Sheep is a Dublin/London based fashion label specialising in tshirts and knitwear. The designs are inspired by the Electronic Sheep comic and feature the electronic objects and characters from the comic. The Electronic Sheep comic, staring the eponymous Electronic Sheep along with Stork, Funny Valentine, Pandora and the rest is an image lead series of stories in which the main characters travel from city to city in electrical objects, creating art, music, film and chaos on the way.

  14. Hey why not wear a German funny tee! I bought one over at On it it says “Why are your eyes looking at my breasts”, but in German! The Awesome thing about it is most people ask what it means and those who understand SMILE :-))

    The sites pretty neat, I ordered 4 t-shirts and got free shipping over to Cali which is a pretty smooth deal!

  15. Mine’s named Orange Moon Apparel and we’re at

    *all in the music – designs dedicated to the love of music
    *peace and progress – designs meant to inspire
    *just for laughs – goofy/funny/smart-ass designs
    *for the four-eyes – designs for wearers of glasses

    Thanks for checking it out.

    My favorite site would probably have to be, but I also love… good stuff.

  16. I thought the purpose of this comment section was to post your shirt site but to also link to an additional site? One you liked or were influenced by?

    All of you guys simply pimping your site – without following the directions? I haven’t clicked a single one of your links…

  17. Pimping STAY RAD BMX located at

    STAY RAD BMX doesn’t fall into the ironic or witty niche, if you are looking for those you’ll be disappointed – instead these are the vision of designer P, who basically designs shirts “I want to wear.” And what he wants to wear is a Sleestak on an Old School BMX bike doing rad tricks. There is also the ULTRA-RAD and JESUS IS RAD designs. Seriously, no one gets as much air as Jesus.

    As site we really dig is
    The “freddie Mercury Is Punker Than You, Punk” is a classic.

  18. My brother Kalman and I run our own online t-shirt boutique producing individual, handcrafted illustrations designed by Kalman and inspired by our observations of what’s going on around us. All Kalman Lee t-shirts are 100% cotton, ethically made and printed in London in limited edition runs.

  19. Simple, vintage-inspired and utilitarian, Artisan USA was created and aspired to have graphic tees that would look good with old school Chucks.

    The Artisan USA collection features printed tees, and will soon have much more. Stay tuned for the latest looks!

    Artisan USA Clothing is based in Dallas, Texas.

  20. Am I too late?

    Well here goes, the site you should check out is

    OMUNKY – <a herf=””

    OMUNKY is a company that redefines the environmentally friendly clothing market with cool original images on shirts made from eco-friendly material such as recycled and organic-cotton!

    I love the way Eric from LintyFresh (<a herf=””) brands himself!

  21. Pervasive Armor has three really neat, clean tee shirt designs that have kept them goin for months. I bought all 3 of them and I love em. They’re at it’s this little dinky website that doesn’t try to impress you, doesn’t bother with the fancy adverts. Run by some college chick. Anyone into the indie scene should get one of their shirts for the sheer fact that no one else will most have that shirt.

  22. Our company at has been around for nearly three years now and we probably have 100+ designs, but I haven’t counted lately!

    If you’re into Kawaii (cute) culture, slash fandom, geeky anime stuff, or silly Kanji you might like our store. ^_~

    Our inspiration? Well, we were probably inspired by a lot of the made-for-fans-by-fans shirts on, as well as Japanese punk labels like Sexpot revenge, and a *lack of* shirts for some niche fandoms.

  23. Great idea. People have some amazing shirts here.

    We would like to add our own T-shirt shop: We’ve recently set up . The name says all, it’s all about interesting, thought-provoking T-shirts. Have a look!

    As for the inspiration, here is something more unusual from China:

    We liked that, not least because we have some pop-art designs at shirts-4-thought, as well.

  24. My name’s Jason and I run one of the oldest online shirt stores on the web. ZBQ has been selling online since 1998 and we’re still going strong. Right now we have a pre-order design available until December 3rd called Killbots, and all of our shirts are on sale for the entire month of December for only $12 each. Cheers!

  25. Clean and basic single color designs targeting military or people who wear cargo style clothes. Some of the proceeds go back to the wounded Marines fund. Nice basic concept with the company actually giving a little back to the community that buys it’s stuff.

  26. Hey Guys,

    I work as a designed for a sports satire website called and they asked me to create a series or NFL themed shirts for our new store.

    I decided to put a spin on a bunch of big market teams. I know sports themed shirts don’t really fit on here, but I’m proud of some of them none-the-less.


  27. Check out Each Friday a new clue will be posted and users can solve the puzzle to reveal the t-shirt theme for the next week. The answer will be posted on Saturday. Artists submit original designs based on the current theme. Each week, users vote on their favorite designs and the winners are printed and sold.

  28. STAY RAD BMX | POO Brand has set up a special sale to benefit the AMERICAN RED CROSS. For each sale, STAY RAD BMX will donate 50%.
    Please visit for info and to check out our old-school bmx inspired tees.
    All STAY RAD BMX shirts are screen-printed on AMERICAN APPAREL shirts and printed in the USA.

  29. Here’s a link to my etsy shop where I sell t-shirts, prints and items relating to my artwork about games and sports. Right now I’m featuring the Hockey Octopus shirt. Check it out!
    I’ve been loving Jeremy Kalgreen’s collection of fabulously designed shirts for four years now, so even though I saw an ad for his shop in this blog, I gotta list him as my inspiration:

  30. Andy here from Fit-n-Fit . Our shirt site is . We offer t-shirts for the fitness junkie! We will be having our grand opening kickoff this April. Our tees are all fitness inspired and will be fitted for a great feel.

    My favorite T-shirt website by far is . This website has gave me an incredible amount of knowledge into the tshirt world and I have learned so much. The people there are amazing and its a great community.

  31. I am always late to the party :(

    ReturnVoid: Geekware is a new site selling geek t shirts in the UK.

    Our designs are original and the brand is evolving, a new site is going to be live before the end of March 2010.

    Hope to see you all there.

  32. Hi,
    We just started a new online t-shirt collection called Voices Republic. The concept behind our brand is to voice issues from local to global concerns, serve as a platform where opinions are encouraged and respected. Express it through design, and sell it as a t-shirt. We are a community of creative individuals, constantly seeking inspiration and striving to stay socially aware of the world around us.

    Our tees are made from 100% organic cotton made and printed in Los Angles. We try to be as eco-friendly as possible from organic tees to shipping our tees in 100% recyclable envelopes. Check out our site, we would love to hear your thoughts. My favorite tee site is Great people!

  33. Hi Guys,
    I need to ask you a favor.
    I am conducting a research about personalization on t-shirt and I need to collect a consumer survey.
    Would you please participate in this study? It takes only few minutes of your time, you only have to click on the links above and follow all the instructions.

    (I am not a company’s slave, but simply a student from Italy)
    Thanks to all of you.

  34. Hi we have just started our own shirt design company :D Right Arrow Design aims to create custom designs and illustrations for t-shirts as Simple as possible
    but striking at the same time. Whether it’s funny, inspirational or just cool designs we would like to get
    feedback and comments from the community because we respect and appreciate your thoughts and opinions.
    We hope you enjoy buying our shirts in the near future and we hope to see you come back
    to our site for more simple but unique designs. We will be having competitions as well in the future so tell
    your friends and relatives (designs will be from the community, for the community). thanks again :D

    For any questions please email us at or my personal email
    Thank you and good day to you.

  35. We run a shop selling band t-shirts and stickers, but love these creative t shirts that everyone designs! Some of them are just awesome. Come visit us if you’re a band junkie!

    We’re a also a fan of Have bought many t shirts and iphone cases they have.

  36. Hey! We just opened our t-shirt store on Zazzle. We are Faultee Minds and we make absurd apparel for the unafraid. Please check us out and read our Manifesto in the “About” section.

  37. Well this will definitely get lost in the shuffle, but I’m a sucker for a challenge. I run a low key humor t-shirt site called Teetower, all original designs. I like Teefury because there’s a new shirt every day and some of the designs are really cool. I should offer a 15% off coupon or something for anyone who actually takes the time to read this far. Okay, I will. Follow me on Youtube, where I’ve been posting coupons for my shirts. Tee Designs Thanks for the love thetshirtblog.

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