Recession-proof Part 2: Retro Goodness for only $10

I promised to blog about more cheap t-shirts, and in the spirit of Moses, I deliver them to you. These tees are from the sale section of Vintage Vantage, a shop that takes an often snarky approach to retro styled t-shirts.  I found quite a few of them worthy of a mention, not the least of which being one clairvoyant tee with “I’M RIGHT BEHIND YOU” written on it’s back.

Bastard Love Child T-Shirt
AAAA T-Shirt
Smile if You're Gay T-Shirt
Astronauts T-Shirt

In case you’re interested in anything, be sure to click through to toggle between the male/female versions of each shirt.

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UPDATE: Very unfortunately, VintageVantage is no longer a part of the global economy.

8 thoughts on “Recession-proof Part 2: Retro Goodness for only $10

  1. Hey we needed these for some time now that god it finally arrived since I am strapped for cash – really like the Astronaut and would look nice on a ladies t shirt as well as hoody clothes top as well.

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