Recession Proof T-Shirts Only $6

Five… five…. five six dollar tee shirts!!

I never thought I’d see a site selling t-shirts for just $6. Sure, there are closeouts and limited time sales that come close, but I always thought that 10 bucks was the holy grail of regularly priced tees. Until 6dollarshirts, that is.

Superpower T-Shirt
Captain Dirt T-Shirt
I'm Hungover T-Shirt
Porto-potty T-Shirt

I’m also taking this opportunity to renew my focus on finding t-shirts that are not only desireable, but are also affordable. So stay tuned for more recession-proof t-shirts and don’t forget to subscribe.

7 thoughts on “Recession Proof T-Shirts Only $6

  1. Really..! I would agree with the above one. Really really awesome and at a cheap cost. Sure, I’m gonna take one. Thanks for the post.

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