10 thoughts on “Shirts I Own

  1. Not sure I’ve seen any t-shirts, but I’ve wikipedied her in the past, and she has some cool quotes like, “Is that a gun in your pocket… .”

  2. What are the copyright laws on movie celebrities? Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard? Is there a time they become public domain? Can you put their picture on a shirt?

  3. T Shirt hell has some new shirts coming out, and a few promos on their page, I just Started to find these shirts and I find that they are a much better deal than your typical abercrombie shirt. This is the new style of lettering and such and something I would rock any day of the week.

    By BrianBader

  4. Just found this blog and i’m a huge fan of old school emo t’s but don’t find the connection exactly but I’ve been wearing rocking t’s for a while in my home HK. My favorite are usually from ebay but i always end up getting naf t’s with pit stains and usually some curry traces from the previous owners. I’m now wearing some t’s from 100milligrams shop and z-brand online but cant find any more shops in HK that have really rocking shirts. any help? I’ve posted the URL for 100milligrams as they have a good various number of t’s my girl likes. Also looking for sweet t’s for my 4 month old that arent mass produced by old navy…..

  5. covehk: man, I really don’t know a thing about the t-shirt scene, but I aplaud your fashion sense. Feel free to stop by anytime and tell us about any other cool t-shirt shops or any more curry-stained t-shirts that you get from ebay.

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