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One of my bigger regrets over the years, with this site, is not being able to write more frequently. Either through waning interest, preoccupation with other projects, or the bane of unfinished posts (33 of them) I haven’t been as good to my readers as I would have liked, or done justice to the grassroots t-shirt design community (of which I am a part of).

As a result, I am opening up article submission to third parties – t-shirt designers, other bloggers, anyone who is interested. The goal here is to give the readers more unique new designs that they crave for, while at the same time giving indy designers a chance to showcase their work. With that said, here are some guidelines to help you decide whether article submission is right for you, and to help you get started.

  • My number one consideration here is quality. Since your submission will become a full featured blog post, I’m looking for something that fits in with the rest of the site. So that means, you know – t-shirts, with slogans or original designs on them, and a bit of clever commentary to go with it. Unfortunately, I’ll need to be at least somewhat selective and I do reserve the right to edit or refuse submissions. However, I don’t expect to turn away many people, and I’ll certainly appreciate the effort that goes into making a submission. Just don’t submit anything hateful, asinine, or amateurish please, and no generic BYO design services.
  • Your submission will have to match the general blog post format of this site. There may be some flexibility on this in the future, and I am open to suggestions, but for now this means an image (75kb or less) of your t-shirt up top, and a brief description/commentary below. The commentary can be as long or short as you’d like (2-5 sentences is good), and should be original writing. Not groundbreaking-ly original, just not something you copied and pasted word for word from your website or another blog post. This text can include up to 2 links back to your site, one with your website or company name as the anchor text, and one with a more fanciful or promotional descritiption (such as offensive t-shirts or really awesome gay pride tees).
  • Finally, please don’t mistake these guidelines as harsh unbreakable rules. If you’ve got a “cool” or “awesome” idea for a post, chances are that I’ll “love” it, so don’t be shy!

Please use the following template to create your post. Once you’re finished you can email it to afoygel @ gmail . com with the subject heading “T-Shirt Blog article submission.”

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